Architectural 3D Animation for an Exterior Project

A 3D walkthrough company is a contractor that provides innovative CG materials for truly amazing project presentations. Designers and Architects can use photorealistic 3D animation to showcase real estate in motion as well as engage viewers within marketing campaigns.

An Architect got a large-scale project for a leading building company that had ordered developing of the shopping mall and the territory around it. He wants to impress his clients at the presentation and find some new ways to visualize his ideas in detail so that his project could look like a dream come true. For this, he chose 3D animation services of a CG company. However, before making this decision, the Architect wants to know more about working with a 3D walkthrough company as he has never done it before. How can he explain his ideas to CG specialists and what information will be the most useful? Besides, the Architect is still not sure about the concept of the video so he doesn’t know how to express his vision in a clear way.

The brief is a perfect tool to summarize a task in detail and provide all necessary information before ordering 3D visualization services. Learn how to build an accurate brief for a walkthrough company in order to get a show-stopping CG animation.  

#1. Provide General Project Information

General Brief Info for a 3D Animation Project

Every 3D walkthrough company asks for general information before starting a project in order to understand what result an Architect or Designer wants to get. This basic data includes the goals of a walkthrough 3D video and its target audience. The more technical elements of the brief are the length and required video format. If it’s an architectural walkthrough animation, the 3D Artists need to know about the exact location or preferable environment. Architects and Designers can also add some notes and requirements if they have any, as well as the name of their project before the working process starts.  

#2. Send References

Drafting References for a Photorealistic 3D Animation Project  

Drawing References for a Photorealistic 3D Animation Project

As for 3D animation references, the main ones are the same as for static CG rendering – mood and lighting. Architects and Designers should convey the concept they have in mind and specify if it works better with daylight, nightlight, evening or morning lighting. Project drawings are just as important – the most comm