Project Presentations: Choose 3D Renders Or Animation

Architectural 3D renders and 3D animation are a must for creating impactful presentations for interior or exterior design projects. Both options produce spectacular results and are equally good for influencing investors and future customers. But what kind of 3D visualization works better? As a company that produces both photorealistic architectural rendering and professional 3D animation, we have compiled an ultimate list of benefits and disadvantages of both for an architect to find out.

Architectural 3D Renders: Use Static Or Animated?

To choose wisely, let’s evaluate both types of Architectural CGI according to such crucial criteria as visual impact, interactivity, story-telling element and cost.

#1. Quality Of Graphics

Professional 3D Max architectural rendering always looks breathtaking. However, 3D animation is always subjectively better looking than even the best static architectural 3D renders, because movement in general is more impactful, and photoreal CG animated videos have a jaw-dropping effect. And this is just what you need for convincing someone that a building that exists only on paper is already a landmark worth investing into.

#2. Interactivity

Project Presentations: Choose 3D Renders Or Animation - 3D Renders

Interactivity has become crucial for important project presentations, and for good reason. Why look at something if you can “touch” it, walk around it or examine it closely with your own eyes? This has become possible with 3D animation. Even putting together several architectural 3D renders in order to create a 360-degree view or a slider is animation. Moving pictures are perfect for allowing presentation attendees to interact with interiors or exteriors in a variety of ways: rotating, dragging, changing elements and so on.

#3. Immersiveness

Project Presentations: Choose 3D Renders Or Animation - Immersiveness

Immersing viewers is another important part of any architectural presentation, since it helps accentuating selling points of the project. Architectural 3D renders and 3D animation both can create imagery that can make clients really feel the atmosphere of the project. For presentations, however, it is still better to use animated visuals, since this way it’s possible to convey space better and create a feeling of seeing the scene with own eyes.

#4. Visual Storytelling

Project Presentations: Choose 3D Renders Or Animation - Visual Storytelling

Visual storytelling is another crucial element of marketing that is helpful in architectural project prese