Powefrul CG Animation for Marketing Goals

Architectural animation fascinates viewers by immersing them into the atmosphere of the project before it is built. The clients can take a virtual walk around every room, appreciate the elegance of decor choices, see the lighting scenarios in use. This way, an animated presentation amplifies the effects of static 3D renderings: it excites viewers by sharing an even more life-like experience with them.

Owing to architectural animation, the viewers understand the scope of the project, the use of space, and the building usage scenarios more precisely. Better comprehension means faster decision making. When the client sees all the advantages of the project, he or she approves it more confidently. Changes suggested occur at an early stage of the project when modifications are the cheapest. Collaboration becomes smoother, and the final customer satisfaction rises.

Architectural animation takes presentations to the new level that most competitors are yet to reach. It helps an architect who already uses it stand out and provide a better service. As a result, customer satisfaction becomes even higher. Clients tell their friends and colleagues about the attention and carefulness their project received. Thus, they refer others to the architectural firm.

There’s one thing that makes architectural animations even more powerful – their high marketing potential. Once done by an architectural animation studio, they keep serving as trumps in the advertising deck. But how to lead them to score as many good orders as possible? In this article, we are sharing five ways to do it.

#1. Architectural Animation Empowers the Website

People like options. Even someone who prefers reading would sometimes rather lean back and watch a video. So, why not embed one into the main page and place several others in various information sections? A combination of text and video meets the needs of a broader audience than either of them alone.

There’s one more reason to empower the website with animation. Architectural design is ordered depending on reputation and trust. The more directly and entertainingly the website demonstrates the realized projects, the more reliable the firm appears.

Companies make ample use of blogs to communicate with the audience and attract visitors from search engines. An architectural animation video can dominate the text, which only explains what it’s all about and suggests to watch the embedding. Alternatively, the text can play first fiddle so that the animations only illustrate it. In any case, the site visitors become more engaged, and they are likely to become loyal readers or take an action the page calls to.

A portfolio becomes crucial when it comes to such a creative work as architecture design. A professional architectural rendering will efficiently represent the architect’s visions, but it works best when architectural animation accompanies static pictures. A virtual tour around a project shows the visitor: there’s a well-designed building somewhere in the world, and there’s someone who already owns it. This way, animations encourage the viewers to opt for the same firm.

Case studies initially appeared in education as a fast way to apply theoretical knowledge practically. Later on, they became a form of scientific writing in which theory and practice came together. Marketers have discovered the ability of case studies to demonstrate the clients how they could benefit from working with the company. Now they are a top-10 marketing tool, often converted into videos.

#2. Animation of Architecture Is Handy in SMM

High-Quality Animation for Online Marketing

In social media marketing, content works best if it is visual – especially for those whose mission is to make the world more cosy and beautiful. A static picture, GIF-animation, or video is typically more entertaining than a plain text with no illustrations. This way, high-quality static visualizations and architectural animations will return more likes, link followings, reposts and followings.

Every view counts because it works for brand awareness. Every link to your website followed is desirable: the person can bookmark the website, share materials from it, subscribe to the newsletter, or even immediately make an order. Likes demonstrate that your ideas are acknowledged – both to people and algorithms. Facebook ranks posts based on their likes, and so do Reddit and Instagram. Every repost contributes to the popularity of the brand.

Social networks are wonderful places to build an online community of loyal followers. If an architectural firm entertains them with striking 3D architectural animations, it will be active and steadily growing. And every follower is a potential client.

#3. Architectural Animation Underpins the Video Blog

There is one more benefit of impressive dynamic content for an architect: animations and recordings c