How To Conduct an Effective Architectural Design Presentation

Architects are excellent at creation of spectacular innovative designs. However, sales area often isn’t the the strongest of their skills. Unfortunately, this prevents Architects from presenting their projects right. For despite all the efforts, presentations can fail, and the audience – miss on all the wonderful features of the Architectural Design presented.

All that because Universities don’t teach Architects that a good presentation is 50% of success. As a result, they place the outcome of the project on sheer luck. While a true effective presentation is a skill, based on the findings of marketing, negotiation theory and, of course, psychology.

But what if there were a simple recipe for a perfect selling Architectural Design Presentation? A scenario that makes the projects reach the audience, help concepts to be appreciated at their true value and get the contracts signed?

There is a secret indeed. And it is easy: stop seeing the design presentation as demonstration of an object for construction. Instead, talk about the idea behind the concept.

Still not convinced? Discover the reasons for which the shift of focus is the only right approach.

Architectural Design Presentation: Why Selling The Idea

To achieve the goals, there’s something Architects should absolutely know about how the audience perceives the presentation. Take a look at the following:

#1. Clients Buy a Lifestyle, Not a Product

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That is, customers seek to know what their life would be like after the purchase. How all the guests will be complimenting them on the beautiful house, and how charming and cozy the child room will look, how functional will be the kitchen studio. Look at the Apple brand, for instance. Company sells not only the high-quality gadgets, but a style of life that Apple consumers obtain using the product.

#2. Customers Are Afraid of Difficulties

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Clients don’t like complications and waiting in general. They fear and avoid them subconsciously – which is perfectly reasonable, if you think of that. Certainly, Architects can talk about the construction at Architectural Design Presentations. In fact, they should, – but only when the customers see the idea behind the project. Even better – when they’re in love with it.

#3. Customers Are Interested in Benefits, Not in Technical Features