Photoreal Architectural Exterior Rendering: Rooftop Terrace

Architectural Exterior Rendering is a brand-new tool for design presentations. Why would you need anything new if sketches and drawings are doing fine? Let’s see. It takes a lot of effort to present the advantages of a design – investors aren’t good at reading drawings, and it bores them. On top of it, there’s strong competition fighting for the same project, and the success depends on convincing skills more than ever. The mere thought that winning has more to do with the eloquence than with the obvious merits of an architectural masterpiece doesn’t make it any easier or fairer. Pity you cannot just take that beautiful picture that’s in your mind and show it to the investors… Wait. Actually, you can.

Did you know that there’s a tool that lets you capture the project of the future in the present?

Owing to the 3D Technologies, you can now benefits from Architectural Rendering Services. And the quality is just as good as that of a real photo! Which is why high-quality visualizations made for presentation purposes are called photoreal.

So, here’s the palette of opportunities you get with Exterior 3D rendering services – and with some good examples.

Architectural Exterior Rendering: 9 Types That Are Most Commonly Used

Type 1:  Commercial Building Rendering

Commercial Rendering has a whole plethora of options. Let’s take a look at the most popular ones.

#1. Exterior Rendering For A Skyscraper

Photoreal Architectural Exterior Rendering: Skyscraper At Night View01

Photoreal Architectural Exterior Rendering: Skyscraper At Night View02

The main task of the Architect here was to create an impactful modern design for a commercial center. It had to grab attention and associate any brand represented here with culture of the state-of-the-art and fun. So, the Architect created an exterior design that is a spectacle in itself.

Which is why he opted for the night view. It makes the project look so much more festive – with the lights twinkling, a colorful advertising shining and the oblique roof pointing right into the sky. The elegant geometry of lines creates a symmetrical composition that helps the building stand out among others.

Can you think of any other way to draw attention to this marvelous project better that an Architectural Exterior Rendering?

#2. Resort Hotel Exterior Rendering

Photoreal Architectural Exterior Rendering: A Green Resort

This stylish resort hotel looks like a house of future situated in paradise. Its reserved structure, absence of embellishments and natural materials fit in perfectly into the lush greeny around. The photoreal architectural exterior rendering you see reflects what the Architect wanted to emphasize: perfect harmony and a soothing tranquility. Practical simplicity, space and light reign in the rendering. Like it should be, the only luxurious thing in the rendering is the amazing forest around.

#3. Exterior Rendering For A Hotel Design

Photoreal Architectural Exterior Rendering: An Elegant Hotel At Night

Like in case of the Architectural Exterior Rendering for the skyscraper, our Client chose the night view. Yet the result is totally different. This hotel design is more conservative and is surrounded by similarly elegant buildings. The golden light it emanates suggests the active night life. But when you look at the paved street, you rather think of opera or Vienna balls than nightclubs or shopping. And the clientele of the hotel is wealthy, well-educated and culturally active – and can you think of a more fitting picture?

#4. Exterior Rendering For An Office Building

Photoreal Architectural Exterior Rendering: Office Design View01