Exterior Design 3D Visualization for Architecture Marketing Strategy

Architecture marketing tools are the basis of success of any business strategy. When figures look depressing and the number of customers declines, it’s best to stop and take a closer look at the company’s promotional efforts. Is it possible to take them to the next level?

In general, there are 2 ways of improving a marketing strategy: DIY and hiring in-house specialists to further adopt them to realities of the architectural market. In both cases it pays off to learn beforehand what really works in the sphere. This will allow the Architect to evaluate the results and understand what he could expect for the money. So whether one is considering to hire an expert or wants to take care of everything by himself, these 5 tips will help to make a difference.

5 Architecture Marketing Tools for a Successful Promotion Strategy

These instruments will come in handy for the architectural firm promotion, whatever strategy is chosen. One can select a few of them or opt for all five, and achieve substantial results anyway. Moreover, the tools don’t require any specific knowledge in the field of marketing. All that is needed are the basics of advertising settings, and high-quality visuals for promotion available with architectural rendering services. Sounds intriguing? Thought so. Stay tuned and learn more about architecture marketing tools that can empower the existing business strategy.

#1. Use PR to Boost an Architectural Brand Awareness

Three Storey House Architectural 3D Visualization for Marketing Imagery

Establishing a firm reputation is an important tool for telling prospects about an architecture brand. Of course, PR is not aimed at attracting clients ready to immediately start a project. Its function is to make a company known in the industry without spending huge funds on advertising.

Earned Media Coverage

For this purpose, it’s worth considering participating in local and international contests. Most of such platforms ask for a nominal fee, but even these expenses will pay off manifold when a project takes a prize. This is the most prestigious and win-win option, as it usually means free mention in the earned media coverage. A good traditional free marketing tool, really. And needless to say, victory is a powerful benefit. As well as glory and free PR, it brings the certificate to be look awesome on the wall and impress customers.

To give project a better chance of winning, architectural presentation should be powerful beyond all expectations. That calls for some amazing visual materials – 3D renderings, animations, walkthroughs. Photorealistic cgi will showcase how extraordinary the facade looks in the city landscape, while the interactive 3D solution clearly demonstrates how the concept promotes green design and harmony with nature. In a nutshell, cgi allows to show function, spectacle and the unique value of the project.

Personal Influence

Every opportunity for public speaking is an invaluable asset. It does not matter if it is a small master class or a major exhibition, attendees can very well become potential prospects. Best of all, public speeches and active participation in the life of local community will turn the speaker into the brand’s very own opinion leader. Eventually, his authority will have