Developing an effective marketing strategy is essential for architects to procure new business opportunities. But formulating a unique market plan might be challenging for them. That is because an architect is a busy professional who often has to deal with multiple projects at a single time. Which does not leave much room to study marketing techniques and implement them in business. So, many architecture experts use a word-of-mouth approach and a website with a few ready projects in a portfolio to promote their services. But though these means are useful to some extent, they are not sufficient enough. 

To increase the influx of clients, an architect needs a well-tough-out market plan. Without it, a talented professional can lose out on customers even to less skilled competitors just because they use marketing techniques wisely. Which will be a disappointment for a proficient architecture expert with a great experience. So, how to prevent such a situation?

As a professional architectural visualization studio, we often assist our customers in the creation of marketing materials. This allows us to have a unique understanding of the work architects do and how they can build an effective promotional campaign. With this in mind, we have decided to share this knowledge. Join us to learn 6 ultra-useful tips to devising a market plan for architecture firms!

#1. Show inner workings of a company to build trust

Specialists Working to Create a Market Plan For Architecture Firms

When a prospect is looking to hire an architecture professional, the first thing they do is browsing Google. They need it to find websites of architectural services providers. What they usually see in those sites is a laundry list of a company’s accomplishments, a portfolio with ready projects, and contact information. But it might be not enough to win prospects. What would make for a greater market plan for architecture firms is showing not only the achievements but also the human aspect behind work.

By seeing an agency’s inner workings, prospective customers can get an in-depth understanding of what it would be like to engage with these experts. For this, architecture firms should publish images and videos of their work routine. They can show architects discussing drawings at the office, meetings with potential investors, site visits, and so on. They can share info about the company’s challenges and successes, and even some funny and heartwarming memories relating to the working process. It is also a wise move to show the architecture firms’ corporate social responsibility initiatives. It will help a potential client understand that they are serious about their impact on society and the world in general. All this information can be shared on the company’s social media platforms and an official website.

#2. Make use of video marketing

When devising a market plan for architecture firms, one must consider the powerful impact of video. According to Wordstream, 51% of marketing professionals around the world say this type of content generates the best ROI. So, architects need to use video marketing to the fullest to promote their services effectively.

But architecture firms may not always have enough resources to regularly craft compelling footage for promotion. The thing is that to film a fancy video, a company needs to have ready works to show. But oftentimes, most of the firm’s projects are still under construction, so there is almost nothing to shoot. 

Luckily, there is a solution. Thanks to professional 3D animation services, it is possible to procure photorealistic footage of the future outcome of projects that are being constructed or only exist as concepts thus far. To obtain such 3D assets, architecture professionals should contact a 3D visualization studio and fill in a brief. Then, 3D artists will generate photorealistic 3D animations of the projects. They can then be used to promote architecture services on a website or social media platforms. 

Immerse clients into your design projects with a 3D animation

#3. Use cutting-edge 3D technologies

The use of 3D visualization has risen across multiple industries, including architecture, and for a good reason. CGI materials allow an architect to display the full range of their skills in a way that was impossible before. For instance, it is now possible to show the expected outcome of architecture projects in realistic quality before the construction even starts. Skilled 3D artists can use drawings and sketches of designs to create CG images of the future building to be used as marketing materials. 

Another good option is ordering a 360-degree virtual tour of a property. This asset allows potential clients to explore the future house by clicking on a mouse or a touchpad. The viewers can “walk into” the building, see the interior or exterior from multiple angles, and get a feel for what this place would be like in real life. It is also a great idea to get a 3D floor plan of a property. It showcases the house in section from a bird’s eye view in photoreal quality, allowing viewers to examine the layout solutions. Using these visual materials as a part of a market plan for architecture firms is highly effective to attract more prospects.

#4. Share testimonials of the former clients

Viewing an Architecture Company's Clients' Testimonials on a Laptop

Sharing the feedback of former and current clients is vital in content marketing for architects. As Invescpro reports, more than 90% of people check out customers’ reviews before deciding to use the services of a business. Therefore, sharing positive feedback is a surefire way to build trust with prospects and turn them into clients.

It is good to have as many good reviews as possible. However, their quality and content matter as well. It is perfect if the reviews go in-depth into the nature of the services offered. A one-line testimonial that says “I loved this company’s work” would not be enough to sway a prospect. So, having detailed and informative reviews is what makes for an effective market plan for architecture firms. The testimonials can come in both text and video interview formats.

#5. Make use of SMM

Business Using SMM Platform

Using social media to promote architecture services is a no-brainer. However, many firms tend to go in blind without formulating a proper SMM strategy. This way, the marketing process might end up being disorganized and ineffective.

So, how to make the most of SMM? First of all, a market plan for architecture firms should involve establishing a strong presence on the most popular social media platforms. Those include Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter. It is also vital to use specialized sources like Houzz and Behance. The latter are specially developed to connect people interested in architecture design and home improvement with professionals in these areas. This means that an architect and their client can get in touch through Houzz, for example, and establish a strong relationship there before meeting and signing a deal. This will help to simplify the workflow.

When developing an SMM strategy as a part of a market plan for architecture firms, it is needed to gather information about the target audience. It is required to learn as much as possible about their geographic location, age, profession, gender, lifestyle, hobbies, and so on. This will help to create a customer avatar and then develop a content plan according to it. The latter should consist of information that will interest and engage followers. For instance, the architect can share useful advice and start discussions, offer the audience to take part in quizzes and questionnaires, etc. Also, it is vital to regularly post high-quality imagery of the architecture expert’s works. These can be photos of ready projects or 3D visualizations of the upcoming designs. Finally, it is important to remember that when users leave comments on shared content or send private messages, a company’s SMM manager must always answer promptly and politely. 

#6. Specify an architecture firm’s niche

An Architect Looking for a Niche for His Business

A common mistake that architecture firms make in their market plan is claiming to be experts across the board. Not only this is practically unfeasible but it also makes prospects doubt the firm’s competence because no one can be good at everything.

The better scenario for a market plan for architecture firms is to establish themselves as experts in a specific niche. It can be designing luxury homes, commercial buildings, budget houses, or else. It helps clients narrow down their options and make a decision on which company to employ. So, architecture specialists should establish their expert areas and neatly divide up their portfolio by types of projects.

Devising a market plan for architects is not rocket science. To do it right, it is needed to follow a few simple rules. It is a wise move to showcase the company’s inner workings, use video marketing, and implement innovative technologies such as 3D visualization. A good market plan for architecture firms should also include sharing testimonials of satisfied clients, using social media platforms wisely, and defining the company’s niche area.

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