The Best 11 Interior Design Apps

Interior designers and home decorators have interesting but often challenging jobs. Modern technologies make many works more easier. For example, mobile devices contain lots of useful features. Our gadgets not only help us to communicate, listen to music, read or play games, but also provide us with indispensable apps for work. It is normal for designers to spend a lot of time out of office while being very busy – they have to meet people, negotiate with clients, and control the work process on their projects. This is why having many useful apps in one device that you can carry with you everywhere is practically a must.

Here is our top 11 of the best interior design apps. They are extremely helpful for professional designers and home decorators, adding new functions to your gadgets and making sure that you can solve any problem even outside your office.


#1. Neybers – Try Interior Design AnywhereThe Best Interior Design Apps: Neybers


Free, $4.99 and up per month (Pro version).

This app is a quick and easy instrument for creating interior designs. The database contains existing samples of furniture, decoration, and materials. There are pre-maderooms, but with the help of the camera you can easily create your own room. You can also edit the walls, floor, windows, color palette and textures, as well as add lights effects, shadows and photo filters. Finally, you can post your work on Facebook, tweet it or share it via any other social media, receiving likes and comments from your subscribers.


#2. Curate AppThe Best Interior Design Apps: Curate

iOS / Android


This great addition to Neybers allows using real artworks in your designs. If you and your client haven’t decided on pictures above their sofa yet, take a photo, try different options, and make your decision!


#3. Home Design 3D – Free