Impactful 3D Visualization For Killer Interior Design Marketing

Interior design marketing is a subtle art that is supposed to conjure new clients, educate potential ones and build the brand loyalty. But achieving that is a challenging task. Sometimes, it’s as though everybody else knew some magic trick and you didn’t.

You’re opening your company Facebook group – 0 new messages! And when you look through your accounts on Behance, Pinterest and Houzz, you see pretty much the same picture. What can be improved? No. What should be improved so that your company starts attracting subscribers through your social media accounts? Maybe, there’s nothing else to do. Maybe, it’s better to focus the efforts elsewhere.

Imagine now that every day you open the Facebook page, there are new subscriptions. Your projects and posts get lots of shares, likes and reposts. Under each of your publications there is a lengthy discussion – about the style of the interior design, whether someone wants something similar in his house or consider it beautiful, but impractical. The Facebook Messenger is full of questions. And your projects are a huge success on Instagram, Pinterest and Houzz.

The task is realistic. This kind of Interior Design Marketing requires strategic planning, some very specific measures and their constant implementation. So, are you willing to do that and see the sales increasing? Read on and get on to changes.

Interior Design Marketing Strategy: 5 Tips To Boost Sales

#1. Make Sure You Address The Right Audience

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“Well, that’s obvious, isn’t it?”, – you might think. Far from it, actually. If you address the wrong audience, all your marketing efforts and investments will be wasted. You might even have lots of likes and shares, but no new clients.

What does it involve? Successfully “addressing the right audience” means:

  • you know your Customer perfectly well
  • your interior design brand is present in all social networks the client is in. Don’t try to be everywhere – that’s useless. If your ideal customer can be found on Facebook and Behance, concentrate your efforts there.
  • your interior design company have found the right Tone of Voice for the client. And you use it in marketing communication – publications, e-mails and face-to-face communication. It regulates all the details that are crucial to a consistent brand image. For instance, should the style be formal or casual and friendly? What sort of humor is appropriate?
  • you know the interests of your audience and create the content he’ll gladly subscribe to.

#2. Conduct Competitor Analysis

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Study the Interior Design Marketing strategies of your competition in social media. Of course, copying will not lead us to the much desired sales increase. For the task is to adopt and improve these approaches. To do that, answer the following questions:

  • What sort of content do competitors offer? Pay attention to the topics and types of posts.
  • How much advertising does it contain? What does it look like?
  • What kinds of posts generate most engagement?
  • What time did they choose for publications?
  • What opinion leaders do they work with?