The 3D interior you see looks spectacular and incredibly refined. The proprietor of the room has a sophisticated taste and artistic nature. So, figuring out a design that would please such a client was quite a special and pleasant experience.

To begin with, the designer opted for a reserved chic effect. The lines and shapes are simple, while the colors and textures are vibrant and expressive. This contrast gives the 3D interior both elegance and a strong impact. Any guest will be intrigued and impressed by this translucent look. You just can’t help but watch and wonder what gives the effect and what kind of character features of proprietor it reflects.

First thing that catches the eye in this 3D interior is a strictly defined color palette. Black furniture set against the beige of walls looks modest and yet bold. Furthermore, marble backsplash adds some more sumptuousness to the look. Another trick – “vanishing furniture”. The tables in glass look like a shining piece of crystal decor. Moreover, the hues of yellow give the vibe to the 3D interior, especially the commitment piece – golden chairs. Most noteworthy, expressive floor tiling in natural stone in bright sandy color gives the space the look of a ballroom. Two small differently-shaped cushions liven up the strict black sofa. An artwork on the wall makes the 3D interior even more artistic and elaborate.

But the proprietor of the space is not only a person with highly sophisticated tastes, but a very modern person as well. Looking at this 3D interior, it becomes obvious. It has all features of the modern style. To begin with, the elegant simplicity of the lines and shapes. For they seem to say: “I waste no time on foolish things. I care only about the essence”. Secondly, strict color choices with bold accents. This feature reflects another facets of the modern nature – reserve and joy of life.

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