3D photorealistic rendering for this splendid powder room showcases its dramatic style and personality. Interior Designer wanted the image to immerse into the atmosphere of chic and glamor, and 3D visualization is the best way to achieve that.

Sure, sketches can outline what the space would look like, but only photorealistic 3D rendering recreates these vibrant colors and conveys the strong effect they produce. While using 3D Max software, we’ve made these luxurious materials look hyperreal and somewhat mysterious in the bright evening light – just like Designer said it would look. So using Vray plugin, we managed to recreate this complex lighting and the way cold pitch black marble gives off bright flashes of red. Spruced up with incredible chandeliers and snow white calla lilies, interior appears full of character that will stick in a guest’s memory.

3D photorealistic rendering allowed to show the powder room from 2 perspectives and thus bring out its smart layout. This way, 3D visualization makes it easy for the client to appreciate the comfort and practicalities of the design as a whole. For it’s just the concept that is presented, but the customer experience.

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