3D rendering is a crucial addition to successful design presentations that helps viewers to clearly see all advantages of a project. So a brilliant Designer contacted us for 3D visualization services in order to enable his client, an elegant lady called Debby, to appreciate the best features of this cool apartment design.

Owing to realistic 3D rendering, the client saw the benefits of the layout. Combined with minimalist approach to furniture and decor, it allows for freeing a lot of space while staying functional and stylish. Moreover, the open entryway reveals that though separated by a wall, living room and kitchen are maintained in same style and thus make for a cohesive look.

Along with architectural solutions, photorealistic 3D renderings highlight the choice of colors and materials. Pure white walls, dark chocolate wood floor and furniture are strikingly realistic and look edgy. As you can see, using 3D Max software and Vray plugin, 3D Artists can digitally recreate any material surface and achieve the photographic image level. Which made our Designer’s client imagine her sitting in this sophisticated living room on the sofa, absorbed in New Yorker last issue, with a cup of coffee and the phone turned off. This way, realistic 3D renders reflected the purpose of the design – ultimate comfort and inner piece.

Moreover, computer graphics allowed Debby to see how interior reflected her own personality and sense of style. She said herself that this reserved chic is so very her and she already feels at home. And how else, if not using photorealistic 3D rendering, Designer could achieve that level of immersion and involvement?

Empower your presentation with photorealistic 3D visualization – contact ArchiCGI architectural rendering company. Our 3D Artists will show the strengths of your project with accuracy and style!