Architectural rendering for Atlanta house design is an exceptional asset for a remarkable presentation. This photorealistic 3D visualization for Atlanta project helped the Architect to demonstrate his clients every detail of exterior design, its materials and even minor decor elements.

This 3D architectural rendering highlights the combination of modern exterior and neat landscape design of the house in Atlanta. The building is designed in the style of high-tech – strict and geometrical but also with natural accents e.g. ivy, hedge and trimmed ornamental shrubs.

The other thing that makes this architectural rendering so eye-catching and immersive is natural environment of Atlanta city’s neighborhood around the house. Viewers can see other houses and even occupants of the residential area who are busy with their daily life activities. The photorealism of the background scene and depiction of beautiful early morning sky with puffy clouds and sunrays bring a cozy ambiance to the Atlanta project rendering.

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