Architectural rendering for bathroom design is a perfect tool for Designers and Architects who do not settle for obvious choices. This time, we’ve been privileged to work with “Studio A” who love out-of-the-box solutions. Like this sophisticated interior project that uses two absolutely gorgeous materials – marble and wood – for the bathroom comfort.

Though modern technology has made it possible to use wood in bathroom, it’s still considered a daring choice. Meanwhile, wood looks and feels warmer than stone, and is nice to walk on barefoot. It has so much to offer! So our Designer opted for bathroom architectural rendering to convey this graceful and creative concept.

Architectural visualization allowed to show the client the front and detailed view of the bathroom interior. The latter invites to take a closer look at the room’s focal center – a gorgeous freestanding bath, while the former demonstrates how the two zones of the room will look like together.

Architectural Rendering For A Gorgeous Bathroom: Front View

This 3D render showcases how beautiful extraordinary design choices work together. It highlights the soothing atmosphere of the open space and traditional elements. Freestanding bath, amazing wood flooring and furniture, tapestry-inspired wall pattern contribute to this idyllic atmosphere.

Architectural rendering for the bathroom interior shows the essence of the concept: life is about pleasure. For this is not a purely functional space we see, but a room for appeasing one’s mind, taking care of oneself and getting away from modern life’s tempo. And elegant bath standing right in the center is the happy island.

3D Interior Visualization For A Stunning Bathroom: Detail Shot

Detail bathroom rendering immerses client in the concept. Using the best software there is – 3D Max, 3D Artists made materials look confusingly real. Just look how raw surfaces of the wall and cabinets contrast beautifully with mirrors! And the way light plays on the metal surfaces is sublime. Using Vray plugin, 3D Artist created highly realistic lighting that filled the rendering with peace and serenity.

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