This CG interior image allowed to showcase an enchanting kid’s room design in a photoreal quality. The author of this project contacted us to get materials for presentation – to show off the practical benefits of the concept and highlight its visual impact.

Utilizing 3D Max and Vray plugin, our CG artists conveyed the atmosphere of tranquility and comfort that reigns in the room. And one of the most important things in setting the atmosphere is the smart lighting system. As there is limited access to the natural light in the room, Designer came up with an intricate combination of spot lights above the sofa and elegant concealed lighting above the bed. The latter contributes to the fairy tale effect and makes the interior quite unique.

So to showcase all these smart solutions, our 3D Artists switched on the lights, carefully combining the daylight with the artificial sources for maximum effect. As a result, the design in the CG interior image looks sophisticated and vibrant.

As for the material choices, photorealistic 3D rendering enabled the Designer to emphasize their strong impact with a smart texturing work. Smooth bedding textiles, soft curtain fabrics, wood grain pattern perfectly knit altogether, helping the 3d Max image achieve its realistic look.

But best of all, CG interior image allowed for the small personal items making the place look inhabited. Books, pencils, and papers help drawing in the viewer in a visual story seem to suggest little girl is about to come in, sit on a stool and start drawing her next picture.

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