Interior Design 3D Rendering For Stunning Bedroom Project Presentation

Interior design 3D rendering allows to present amazing projects before they exist – with much more style and effect than using mere sketches and drawings. It’s hard to imagine an entire look based on technical specifications, even with references. Meanwhile, architectural visualization lets show the project to Clients with utter photorealism and in fine detail.

Designer created not just an interior, but an experience. The projects feels emotional yet sophisticated, so the 3D Artist conveyed this atmosphere using 3ds max, Vray plug-in and Photoshop for post-production.

The room layout, as you can see from these still images, is extremely practical. It is divided into functional parts – the home office and bedroom itself.

The Magic Of Lighting In An Interior Design 3D Rendering

The bedroom in the still images appears just like it will look in real life, when the lights are on. The artificial light is very warm and adds a homely feel about the space. It touches magnificent smooth patterned wallpapers, which makes its creamy surface more expressive. The ceiling spotlights provide room with general lighting, while two lamps on the bedside tables are responsible for the local one.

Buttermilk is the main color of the bedroom design. It’s dark part is underlined by brown curtains and contrasted by the crisp white bed linen. Rich red accents of the paintings, cushions, blanket, as well as the carpet add more vibe to the interior.

Incredible elegance of the bedroom in the rendering is based on the perfect symmetry. A small table with bookcases above it is hidden in the wall niches, and a discreet TV set could be mistaken for a another painting.

The Hidden Space: Home Office Design From In The Architectural Visualizations

The second part of the room interior is a home office. It’s a perfect place for evening work: there’s virtually nothing there that could distract from work. And one can be sure, that he will not disturb the sleeping spouse while working on some important documents.

As you can see in the interior design 3D rendering, this room contains only necessary – but delightfully luxurious -furniture.There is a massive mirror on the wall, a dressing table, a small desk in the niche, as well as two sumptuous cupboards with lights. Old books there serve more decorative purpose than functional and look stunning.

Designer played with shining surfaces to achieve more impact. He used the mirror wall to echo two large windows – that visually adds more space and creates an airy feel.

Casualty And Atmosphere Of Ease

To make the room in the interior design 3D rendering feel lived in, 3D Artist didn’t settle for a perfectly smooth surfaces and ideally placed decor. He added some details – small imperfection, such as a crimped blanket, which looks like some one have just got up. Moreover, a glamorously-looking nightgown lays nonchalantly on the chic ottoman. Books are stacked somewhat carelessly, and the laptop is left open. That breaks the unsettling spell that too much order can cast leaving the place to more familiar casual look instead.

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