Photorealistic Renderings For A Home Cinema Room – Comfort For Family And Friends

Photorealistic renderings you see feature a Home Cinema room created by a wildly talented Interior Designer. Happy to say that we’ve been working with her for so long that she is no longer a client but a friend of ours! So, she contacted ArchiCGI architectural rendering company for high-quality still images of her beautiful Cinema room project.

Isn’t this project amazing? It serves as an entertainment center in a very modern country house. It’s easy to imagine people living there have fun and lose track of time. We definitely could forget about everything in the TV area …

The space in the photorealistic renderings is centered around the favorite free time occupations of the homeowners. So, the task of our 3D Artists was to show just how marvelously Designer combined all necessary functions so that it look stunning.

The cinema theater dominates the space. By the way, can you find the screen in the 3D visualizations? We disguised it as a fireplace – as a metaphor for the role of TV in modern family’s lives. It’s equipped with a black leather sofa and armchairs, adjustable and extremely chic. Look at how fine the leather looks! We can distinguish the patterns on its texture, and the way it reflects the light – just like in reality. The art of photorealistic 3D Modeling is a crucial factor when it comes to the beauty and authenticity of the look. For the possibilities of the cutting-edge software, 3D Max in this case and Vray plugin, allow to play with light which does wonders to textures. Realistic lighting helps showcase the beauty of shiny marble in black and white. In some way, its soft sheen makes for a festive atmosphere.

While grown-ups are discussing something dull and choosing a movie, children may go to the foosball table. They’ll be playing and cheering, and their parents may switch on some music. And maybe, the hosts will choose a bottle of wine that suits the occasion best. For the photorealistic renderings showcase a winery with quite a collection – to suite any taste.

Besides from carefully showing each and every functional zone and highlighting the professional material choices, these Architectural Renderings showcase the power of lighting. The homeowners can see  what the space will exactly look like when they’ll be using, mostly in the evening.

Needless to say, that project won over the client! Which we were confident about from the moment we lay our eyes on the technical assignment. For nothing can stop a design when it’s well-presented, impeccably executed and perfectly corresponding to client’s needs.

Your design needs a good 3D presentation? Then contact ArchiCGI architectural rendering services. We’ll create for you photorealistic renderings that will convey your concept with all due accuracy and visual impact it deserves.