A Splendid Apartment In New York Project

Rendering services in New York are a great tool to present interior or exterior designs for this glorious city projects. This time, we got to reproduce a classy and impeccably stylish house using architectural visualization.

In these 3D images by ArchiCGI rendering services, you can see a studio – with kitchen, dining and living areas, as well as the stairs leading to the child’s bedroom.

Photoreal Rendering In New York: Chic Marble

Let’s start with the Dining room – for it is spectacular! The first thing that catches the eye is this luxurious marble flooring. The shine of its surface sets the tone, which is reinforced with the choice of materials: lacquered wood, stone, metal, mirror. Black lines define the functional zones and form a nice edgy accent.

Another show-stopper in this rendering is the metal pendant chandelier. Its modern design gives a new twist to the traditional scene. For the silver shine and unconventional shape make one think of silver rain rather than a chandelier.

Another stroke of genius – enormous mirror which sort of creates another dimension in the room. It makes the space look larger, along with the wall windows which connect indoors with outdoors while preserving all the comfort. As for the view by the window, it is amazing! Both walls create the illusion of open space and make for an airy look.

To convey the beauty of material choices through rendering services, 3D Artist has to be excellent at setting the light. For when working with highly reflective surfaces, light settings in Vray are a tough task. Materials have to look appealing and natural – just as they would in real life. Judging by their sheen, our rendering team have really pulled it off!

Kitchen And Living Room By ArchiCGI Rendering Company In New York

Both Kitchen and Living areas look just as elegant and chic as the dining space. For there aren’t many details, only a carefully selected few – but extremely well-looking. The marble countertops and backsplash echo the living room, much like these impactful and similarly-looking chandeliers. And this functional kitchen island will delight the mistress: for it’s got additional storage and an oven. So while she’s baking a delicious strudel, which already spreads its aroma, she may brew some refined tea a drink it with a friend over a chat.

Owing to Architectural Visualization services in New York, showing such practicalities is easy for Designers and Architects in this amazing city, as well as all over the United States. They virtually take a picture of their concept and show to the client! Who is relieved not to have to look at drawings and listen to descriptions.

Now let’s turn our attention to the living room. One word that could describe it is cozy. Just look at those sofas! They are simply gorgeous. Looking at them, it’s easy to imagine friends staying overnight, having fun cinema evening together. And smelling that strudel is almost ready.

A Perfect Environment For Happy Childhood

A good space for a child’s development must be full of games and fairy-tales. And there’s no way words, drawings and even moodboards can convey this atmosphere. So naturally, to show clients that the interior will be both functional and fun, Interior Designer soughed Architectural Rendering Services in New York.

Looking at these 3D Visualizations, you may see that the layout is both practical and playful. That is, Designer took advantage of the shape of the space and turned it into an adventure. So the first feature that strikes the viewers is that there are two floors – one for work and everyday leisure, the other one is a child’s playground.

As 3D renderings show, this marvelous two-rooms complex fulfils the following functions:

  • playing and entertaining friends
  • doing homework, planning the day – with a small presentation board
  • keeping all possessions in order – with innumerable bookshelves and hidden cupboards
  • having a quiet moment with a book in this swing-chair

Each view presents certain advantages and shows the general effect the design produces. In fact, one can even show visualizations to the child and ask whether he likes the color palette, for instance. Isn’t that handy?

All those photoreal images were created using top rendering software by ArchiCGI rendering services in New York. Want to take your presentations to another level and achieve a new level of mutual understanding with a client? Then contact our architectural visualization company! We’ll make sure your three-dimensional images reflect all unique features of your project and convey the atmosphere you want them to.