Optimize the Product Development Process with 3D Modeling

Do you have an exciting product in mind? And you are thrilled at the prospect of bringing it to the market? But you are also aware of multiple risks it brings? How many entrepreneurs have seen their clever ideas become a market failure. After all that hard work and millions invested, it just doesn’t work out. What happens next depends on the person, of course. Some instantly begin to search for a new project to work on, while many others decide that trying once more is too risky a venture. Moreover, they begin to doubt their ideas altogether, and this doubt prevents them from succeeding.

The key to this mysterious misfortune usually lies somewhere in the Product Development Process. Something must have gone wrong at a certain stage – design, packaging, or, maybe, the manufacturer failed to get the interest of good retailers. Bad luck! However, it doesn’t have to be that way. Fortunately, modern times have provided entrepreneurs with technology that enables them to rely on luck much less. That technology is 3D Modeling. Many manufacturers are already successfully applying it for their benefit, and every product finds its audience and fills its niche.

Optimize the Product Development Process with 3D Modeling: 5 Effective Tips

Why Product Development needs to be fixed

ArchiCGI 3D rendering company have been dealing with 3D Modeling Services for 11 years now, and during this time our company have been working with ideas. We believe that every idea failing to succeed on the market is a loss. Besides, it is true for both commerce and progress in general. For creative ones are capable of changing the world and making it better. We’ve seen how the sparkles of people’s genius can ignite incredible innovative processes and cause wonderful discoveries to happen. Therefore, losing one to the organizational and technical issues occurring during Product Development is a crime.

Want to follow in the footsteps of successful market visionaries? Seek to turn your future product into a market success? Then you need to optimize the Product Development Process.

Here are 5 effective ideas on how to do that with 3D Modeling:

Optimize the Product Development Process with 3D Modeling: Gather Feedback

#1. Gather Feedback From Potential Customers

This point concerns the first stages of Product Development, involving the generation and selection of ideas. We owe most of successful products to people who felt that something was missing on the market. A clever person felt that he would love to have an armchair that could be turned into a bed for a guest. And here it is! Shiny new, velvety or sleek, red or green, but so practical in any case. He designed the product as if for himself, and it was a hit – for many people had the same need.

You, however, are designing the product for the customers, so the needs it has to fulfill must be theirs. Therefore, they must be real, not the ones designers think customers might possibly have (for this “might” leads to a failure). As consequence, what you need to do is to pick customers’ brain. In order to do that, get a 3D Model of your product – desk, for example. Then, you can later post it on your website and on social media, along with a questionnaire. Take a look at the examples of questions yo