Virtual 3D Tours for New Generation of Real Estate Agents

You feel like Real Estate Market is tougher and more competitive than before? Have more difficulties in catching clients’ attention? You sometimes think that you have to work more now to get the same quantity of clients? And for some reason, your competitors keep getting more and more prosperous… If so, you should understand that times have changed. Technologies changed the times and the clients. They are no longer satisfied with photos of the houses they are looking for. They don’t want to look at the images of the house, but to be there without leaving their chair. How is it possible? Let’s look into possibilities of virtual tours and find out how they could be useful for real estate agencies.

Obviously, you’ve already seen photo tours. But what about 3D Virtual Tours?

Virtual 3D tour is a simulation of the place, already existing or yet to be constructed. It is created based on 3D Renderings of this location and offers spectators a detailed view of it. To create that, Real Estate agents look for quality 3D Rendering Services.

Let’s have a look at the advantages of Virtual 3D Tours for the Real Estate Business.

Virtual 3D Tours – Main Benefits

Reason 1: Listings with Virtual 3D Tours get 87% more views

To begin with, you set yourself apart from competition. Virtual 3D Tours are a recent technology, so it would give you a competitive edge and win more clients. Why do guesswork with photos if the client can choose a place based on immersive experience? Furthermore, 3D Walkthrough is so much more appealing an advertisement. For the customer will get an understanding of what it would be like to live in the place. He will practically see what it feels like to live in this interior design, sit on this purple velvet sofa every evening in front of TV. And have coffee on the balcony with the view on the boulevard, feeling the fresh October wind on his face. And how the kids will be laughing and screaming in excitement at the sight of their new room…

Is there a better way to convey such an idea? Without any doubt, this kind of experience is much more engaging than looking at the photo.

Reason 2: With Virtual 3D Tours, clients see the outcome from the very beginning

As a result, you will be scheduling meetings and working with target customers. That’s like having a secretary by your side, who’d call all of the contacts you have, inquire about clients’ needs, choose the best options and cross out all those who do not want your services after all. That alone will save quite a lot of time! And time for Real Estate agent is money.

Reason 3: Virtual 3D Tours will show properties to potential customers from all over the world, 24/7

As you are aware, a lot of good houses are marketed internationally in the Internet through the social media. The best bid wins and gets the house of his dreams. However, many clients from abroad simply cannot visit the property, and prefer not to participate. In contrast, with 3D walkthrough,  they wouldn’t need to visit another country to make a purchasing decision. Or at least they’ll be sure that the deal is worth the journey and expenses. As a result, the competition for the house would be tougher and the house could get a fairer deal.