Virtual Staging: Transformation Of The Space For More Sales

When looking through real estate listings, people are attracted to clean curated looks. Viewers see it, and then – there’s a lighting: “This is it. I want to live in a house like this.” In contrast, bare walls and outdated tacky design do not produce the same “A-ha” feeling.

So, Virtual staging to properties is like a fairy godmother to Cinderella: a life-changer. It helps to highlight the best parts of the place and turn it into a promise of a comfortable future. And all that – without renovations, physical staging and renting the decor or furniture. Architectural rendering company creates virtually a perfect listing image for a house or flat.

What happened before?

To increase the selling potential of properties, real estate agencies and homeowners used to resort to home staging.They identified the strong and weak points, initialized declutter, decor change or replacement of the furniture altogether. The new cozy look increased the interest to the property many times and allowed to sell it for a better price.

However, if the place wasn’t sold fast, costs of decor rent built up discouragingly. To add to the list, most homeowners ardently resisted changes and refused to take up transformation costs.

Small wonder that Realtors were looking for a fast and cost-effective alternative. Fortunately, Architectural Rendering brought a whole plethora of solutions: Virtual Staging for Commercial and Residential Properties, Virtual Decor, Virtual Furniture Replacement, as well as interactive floor plans and virtual 3D tours. They allow to make any changes to the rooms digitally, without physical efforts.

What Products Realtors Get With Virtual Staging

Realtors use these opportunities of 3D for all sorts of marketing materials to promote the property. The resulting images make great visuals for websites, emails, listings and flyers, are of excellent quality, and offer limitless creative opportunities.

Another important merit of Virtual staging is that it comes in various types, to fit all marketing needs. Let’s take a look at the 4 most important options that 3D Rendering offers Real Estate Agents.

3D Rendering Solutions For Real Estate Marketing

  • Before-Virtual Staging For A Gorgeous Living Room
    After-Virtual Staging For A Gorgeous Living Room
    Before Virtual Staging For A Gorgeous Living Room After

#1. Virtual Staging

When there is no furniture in the room, 3D Artist can add it virtually. In this case, to achieve the desired look, it’s necessary to uploads the photo of the space, with instructions and possibly references. To make the process even easier, some companies provide the library of ready-to-use furniture 3D Models. This way, Realtor knows exactly what he gets, and the Buyer can afterwards purchase online all the furnishings. For instance, ArchiCGI has 180000 items: furnishings, decorations, equipment, lighting fixtures – you name it.

#2. Virtual Furniture Replacement

And what if the room is fully furnished? And the design is so old-fashioned that it makes visitors moan. Such interior will not attract potential clients or contribute to obtaining a good price the property clearly deserves.

But just because the house looks like a portal to Victorian era, doesn’t mean it cannot be marketed well. Realtors can take photos of the rooms and send them to 3D company, along with the brief. Rendering Services will help clear the space and create the look Real Estate Agent wanted.

#3. Virtual Decorating

Sometimes, the room looks clean and modern, but somehow dull. In this case, Realtors send the photos to 3D Artist to add some decor for additional interest and personality. As a result of this easy procedure, the picture transforms and present viewers a stylish cozy place.