ArchiCGI Team

Architectural Rendering Specialist and Mentor with ArchiCGI

Ilya Mikhailenko

Mentor & CGI Artist

With 10 years of work in CGI and professional artistic training, Ilya is an ultimate authority on realism and design. His imagery is technically impeccable and insanely creative! As for hobbies, Ilya loves cycling and winning airsoft wars.

3D Rendering Specialist and Mentor

Andrii Diachenko

Mentor & CGI Artist

Andrii is a methodical and goal-oriented 3D artist. And an expert problem solver — like Sherlock Holmes. He creates showstopping imagery and spends hours on Archdaily, Behance, Pinterest, etc. Otherwise, Andrii’s hobbies are DIY and playing football.

Architectural CGI Artist and Mentor Veronika Skuratovich

Veronika Skuratovich

Mentor & CGI Artist

Over 10 years in CGI, Veronika is not only a 3D expert but an inspiration guru. She knows the latest interior design trends, can talk for hours about famous designers, visits design exhibitions all over the world. As well, Veronika is into skiing and painting.

CGI Specialist and Mentor Violeta

Violeta Bohoslovets

Mentor & CGI Artist

Violeta’s a sensational 3D artist and mentor. She knows how to inspire people to grow, and nudge them to discover new things. In her spare time, Violeta’s into traveling, movies with a twisted plot, and binge-reading books by the same author.

A Senior 3D Visualizer Working at ArchiCGI

Veronika Ukrainets

Mentor & CGI Artist

Veronika has been working in archviz for 5 years. Her favorite thing about her job is that it gives never-ending opportunities for growth. Our clients appreciate Veronika for being a true master of CGI and an easy-going person. When not in the office, she enjoys traveling, playing tennis, and birdwatching.

Architectural Rendering Mentor and CGI Artist

Igor Tsogla

Mentor & CGI Artist

Igor is an SoA Academy graduate and CGI expert with 11 years of experience. He says working in 3D is a mindset: one can always get creative, go beyond what’s asked, and impress the client. In his free time, Igor is a mountain climber and a wine taster.

CGI Artist and Mentor Anton Tertytsia

Anton Tertytsia

Mentor & CGI Artist

Anton believes that architects and designers are agents of progress and change, and loves helping them impact the world. As a hobby, Anton loves sketching, photography, sports, traveling, and discovering urban architecture of different countries.

Architectural Rendering Specialist and Team Leader Anastasiia

Anastasiia Mishustina

Team Leader & CGI Artist

A former architect, interior designer, a passionate photographer and CGI expert, Anastasiia creates show-stopping imagery. Outside of work, she enjoys cycling, inventing recipes, baking mouth-watering cookies and savoring them with friends.

Architectural Rendering Team Leader Slava

Vlad Sheremetiev

Team Leader & CGI Artist

If a render reflects the 3D artist’s point of view, then Vlad looks at his masterpieces with enamored eyes. Modern architecture is his passion, and he certainly knows how to show it in the best light! After work, Vlad enjoys sketching and sup boarding.

Architectural Animation Team Leader Artem Abrakhyn

Artem Abrakhyn

Team Leader & CGI Artist

Artem says that his favorite thing about CGI is that it knows no limits. It can bring to life anything one can imagine! After work, the 3D artist enjoys writing music, taking pictures, learning videography, talking shop with other 3D artists.

3D Rendering Team Lead Anna Shevtsova

Anna Shevtsova

Team Leader & CGI Artist

Anna is a Mentor, Art Director, and architectural design connoisseur. She is such a skilled 3D artist that we believe Anna had learned 3ds Max and Corona before she learned to write! Apart from CGI, Anna is into yoga and traveling.

Architectural Rendering Team Leader Ilina

Ilina Abbazova

Team Leader & CGI Artist

Ilina says that CGI is her job, hobby, and a way of living. While walking in the park, she studies the grass texture, and when watching a film, she notices video transitions. Outside work, Ilina likes exploring cities from a non-tourist point of view.

Architectural Rendering Specialist Leader Anastasiya

Anastasiya Yegorenkova

Senior CGI Artist

Anastasiia loves CGI for the diversity of tasks and creative challenges it provides. She knows how to show the strengths of a design, and fill the image with a perfectly chosen story and mood. Outside work, Anastasiia is an accomplished painter.

Architectural Rendering Artist Tania

Tania Tkachenko

Senior CGI Artist

Tania is an accomplished CGI storytelling guru. Her renderings are always full of life, color, and emotion. In her free time, Tania has more creative pursuits than we can count: she’s a pianist, a painter, a singer, and a snowboard lover.

Architectural Rendering Artist Valeriia

Valeriia Hribnichenko

Senior CGI Artist

Valeriia loves the fact that CGI involves non-stop training. A 3D artist learns with every project, and not only from tutorials but also from clients and colleagues. Apart from CGI art, Valeriia is into reading, jogging in nature, and taking pics.

Senior 3D Rendering Artist Iryna Kovalenko

Iryna Kovalenko

Senior CGI Artist

Iryna is a seasoned CGI expert and design connoisseur. She’s into sophisticated color combos, layers of texture, warm sun, and soft shadows. In her spare time, Iryna likes climbing mountains and roasting marshmallows over the crackling fire.

Architectural CGI Artist and Team Leader in Architectural Rendering

Iryna Bezpalaia

Senior CGI Artist

An artist by calling, Iryna dedicated her work and free time to serving CGI. What she loves most about it is the power to bring impossible things to life. To create grabbing visual stories, Iryna looks for inspiration and ideas in classic movies, and literature.

Architectural Rendering Artist and 3D Designer with ArchiCGI

Mariia Polchenko

Senior CGI Artist

Mariia is one of the most hardworking and joyful people we know. She used to work as an architect, but 6 years ago converted to CGI. She says 3D allows seeing the future and just loves to admire the design in different views, and weather conditions.

Architectural CGI Artist with ArchiCGI Architectural Rendering Team

Platon Morozov

Senior CGI Artist

For the love of CGI, Platon left a successful career in logistics. He is now a wizard of realism, architectural storytelling, and design presentation. His spare time Platon dedicates to exploring ancient European villages, La Roque-Gageac being his favorite.

Architectural CGI Artist with ArchiCGI Studio

Vera Duhina

Senior CGI Artist

For Vera, CGI is both a hobby and a career. She works with the most ambitious 3D design projects, and makes them shine! Apart from CGI, Vera’s into horses. She knows how to take care of them and loves horse riding.

Architectural CGI Specialist with ArchiCGI

Nikolai Stepanov

Senior CGI Artist

Nikolai is an artist and a software geek. He works in 3ds Max, ZBrush, Substance Painter, Blender, and is equally brilliant at creating stills and animations. Outside work, Nikolai is an amazing cook, Italian cuisine being his specialty.