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Real Estate Social Media Content Ideas: 7 Top Ones
October 22, 2020

Today, many real estate brokers are taking advantage of social media to generate more traffic to their listings and get more leads and clients. Platforms like Facebook and Instagram do offer numerous opportunities to promote properties and agents` services, so one must learn how to make the most of them and engage the audience. And for that, one needs to always have some fresh real estate social media content ideas up their sleeve. For instance,...

Hyperrealistic Visualizations: 5 Secrets of Mastering the Craft of Photorealism from Experienced 3D Artists
October 20, 2020

Modern 3D hyperrealistic visualizations can blow one's mind with their lifelikeness and beauty. CG images can depict literally anything, including future exterior or interior design of a building, in photorealistic quality and great detail. This means that with 3D architectural visualization, architects and designers can present their projects with previously unachievable impact. They can give their audience a sneak peek into the future, showing ho...

3D Architecture Renders for a Rural Residence Designed by Wunschhaus Architektur & Baukunst
October 15, 2020

CG architecture renders do bring dreams to life! And have an unprecedented persuasion power. This time, we want to tell you about the amazing dream CGI project called Vogelhaus we were privileged to work on.  The plan of this gorgeous rural complex includes two new old houses, a modern-looking building, and a large garden. The project was created by Wunschhaus Architektur und Baukunst, an Austrian architectural studio. Murat, the managing dir...

Intermediate Render Results: How They Help Manage Rendering Process and Fine-tune Final CGI
October 13, 2020

The digital rendering process consists of several stages. Basically, it all starts when a client sends a project brief to a 3D visualization studio. Then, 3D artists create stunning photoreal imagery using information from a given assignment. And after that, they send the render results to a client. These are three fundamental stages that every CGI project includes. But there are also some intermediate steps necessary for creating perfect 3D images...

Architecture Presentations: 7 Surefire Ways to Enhance Them
October 8, 2020

Making brilliant architecture presentations is an art in itself. Because no matter how genius a concept is, poor delivery can bury it for good. The thing is, it’s not about just presenting a great idea. It’s about convincing a potential client that it’s the best solution for them. Now, this might seem a bit too complicated, but it absolutely isn’t. In fact, creating a successful demo is more like following a recipe that guarantees amazing results. ...

Interior Renderings: 8 Things to Include in a Project Brief
October 6, 2020

Working with a 3D visualization company has many benefits for designers and architects. However, there’s always a way to enhance the already effective cooperation. Particularly, with a smart approach to compiling a project brief, one can get top-quality interior renderings within the shortest time, with minimal revisions, and with no extra fees. Many architects and designers find themselves at a loss when they need to submit their first CGI proj...

3D Design Projects: 7 Stages of Completing Them When Working with a CGI Company
October 1, 2020

Many architects and interior designers already use 3D visualization for creating presentations and marketing materials. But, as with any new technology, it’s going to take some time before the whole industry adopts CGI as a universal standard. Meanwhile, lots of professionals are hesitating about doing 3D design projects with CG rendering companies. The main reason for that is the good old fear of the unknown. Having no experience of outsourcing...

3D Bedroom Design: 6 Computer-Generated Bedroom Interiors to Fall in Love with
September 29, 2020

Photoreal 3D bedroom design is an indispensable tool for interior designers and realtors. As for the former, CG visualization allows them to showcase the expected result of their work in advance. Which leaves no room for misunderstanding with clients on the project approval stage. That’s because, with 3D visualization, the homeowners can see their future bedroom interior exactly the way it will look in reality. This way, 3D rendering simplifies wor...

Architecture Professional Portfolio: 7 Tips to Make It Shine
September 24, 2020

Today, there’s a great number of ways to present an architect’s body of work. One can choose to create a website for this purpose or to design a digital or a printed brochure. To make an architecture professional portfolio stand out, many take a creative approach to filling it. They combine sketches, technical drawings, 3D renders, and mock-up photos. But with all those endless possibilities, it’s important to always keep in mind the reason for mak...

Architectural Visualization Firm: 5 Mistakes to Avoid When Selecting One
September 17, 2020

CGI is extremely useful for experts in the fields of architecture, design, and real estate. It provides them with presentation and marketing materials that show the expected results of projects even before the works are complete. This way, CGI helps highlight every selling point of an offer and make potential clients or investors confident about signing the deal. So, how can architects, designers, and realtors get top-notch CG visuals? For this, th...

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