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Virtual Tour Creation: 5 Factors That Influence Your Project Time Frame
September 14, 2023

A virtual tour is an interactive 360-degree photorealistic journey through a property. Real estate virtual tours allow prospective clients to explore every nook and cranny of a place without visiting it – and often before it even exists. In online listings, a 3D tour always stands out in comparison to static imagery. However, making it might require a bit more time and effort on a 3D artist’s side. So, what time frames should you expect in the proc...

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Fall 3D Rendering: Harness the Beauty of Autumn to Present Your Projects Spectacularly
September 12, 2023

Want to make your architectural renders particularly impressive and memorable? Try leveraging the charming aesthetic of fall. As the season begins, one can’t help but notice its naturally stunning features. They make us instantly forget the summer and set a completely different mood — calm, thoughtful, dreamy. So, how about bringing all that into your work with gorgeous fall 3D rendering? At our architectural visualization studio, we are constan...

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Architectural 3D Cinemagraph: What It Is and Why Use It for Project Presentations and Marketing
September 7, 2023

Are you looking to enhance your project presentations or marketing materials? Try doing that with a new type of imagery — architectural 3D cinemagraph. It’s a great solution for when you want some fresh, next-level visuals. With this type of CGI, you can instantly captivate your audience and showcase your designs in a new, inspiring way. Our architectural visualization studio offers the creation of 3D cinemagraphs that show building exteriors an...

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SEO for Architects: 10 Tips to Increase Your Firm's Website Visibility
September 5, 2023

Optimizing your website for search engines is essential to attract new traffic and clients. This is true for experts in any business, and architects are no exception. Fortunately, we're long past the times of stuffing keywords while compromising on the text quality. Now, content must be human-oriented in the first place. So, the primary advice to improve SEO for architects is to always keep your clients at the forefront of your mind when making con...

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Best Angles for Real Estate Rendering: How to Make Listings That Sell?
August 29, 2023

In the digital era, the art of real estate pre-sales has changed its face entirely. This evolution has given rise to a new mighty tool — 3D rendering. It helps showcase yet-to-be-built properties in their best light. With CGI, potential real estate buyers and renters can explore the spaces in detail before setting foot inside and before these spaces even exist in reality. However, just like with any other marketing tool, one should use 3D wisely. T...

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Conceptual 3D Architectural Illustration for Competitions: 5 Tricks to Make It a Success
August 15, 2023

Architectural competitions are a great way to promote yourself and increase your credibility as an expert. That’s why these events continue to gather the best minds and ideas in the industry. Because of this, the scene has grown increasingly competitive. It demands innovative strategies to stand out. And boosting your vision with conceptual 3D architectural illustration has become indispensable. First impressions make or break a project's success, ...

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Generational Marketing for Real Estate: Specifics of Selling Properties to Different Age Groups
August 1, 2023

Is it possible to create a real estate marketing campaign that will work for both a first-time twenty-something buyer and a retiring couple? Unlikely. That’s why tailoring ads to resonate with your target audience’s generation is key to success in property sales. So, what should you keep in mind when it comes to generational marketing for real estate? Our architectural rendering studio provides high-quality visuals for many seasoned realty exper...

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High-quality 3D Renders: How the ArchiCGI Team Ensures Your Visuals Are Stunning, Accurate, and Consistent
July 20, 2023

The demand for CGI services is on the rise. High-quality 3D renders became invaluable assets for any architect, designer, or real estate professional. However, creating accurate, photorealistic images requires high expertise and exceptional attention to detail. Is it possible to always get beautiful and consistent imagery with a large outsourced team of 3D artists? Yes, if you pick the right contractor.  With more than 12 years in the field, our...

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Industrial Architecture 3D Rendering: 5 Aspects It Needs to Highlight for a Successful Presentation
July 11, 2023

Presenting industrial architecture projects requires a special approach. The scale and the amount of technicalities in these designs mean that a stack of schematics won't cut it. That's where industrial architecture 3D rendering comes to the rescue. As a 3D visualization studio with 12 years of experience, we’ve dealt with various projects: from cozy bungalows to high-tech production plants. And we know that in different projects, renders need t...

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“We are in the midst of an artificial intelligence revolution” — interview with Kenneth Lewis, marketing consultant for interior designers
July 6, 2023

Welcome to our exclusive interview with Kenneth Lewis, a renowned marketing consultant specializing in the interior design industry. With his vast expertise in digital marketing, Ken has become the go-to expert for interior designers and architects. As the founder of Client Expander, a boutique marketing firm for designers and builders, Ken provides tailored digital marketing solutions and valuable consultations to business owners. In this inter...

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