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VR for Real Estate: How Virtual Reality Revolutionizes the Industry
September 27, 2022

Virtual reality technology used to be a costly investment mostly reserved for entertainment. Over time, both VR hardware and software got cheaper and more accessible. Many architecture-adjacent industries have seen the potential of this technology and started adopting it for various purposes in recent years. Realty experts have already been using 3D architectural visualization for a while, so they began experimenting with VR early. Now, using VR fo...

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3D Rendering for Construction Materials: a Recap of CGI Projects Done for Steni Company
September 20, 2022

Using 3D rendering for construction materials is the smartest way to market these products. Let’s see why! When new building materials are launched, the brand naturally has no visual examples of their real-life usage yet. Due to long planning and building circles, it can often take 2-3 years from developing a new material until seeing it on an actual building. Does it mean the brands have to use plain photos of panels, stones, or bricks for product...

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How Does CGI Outsourcing Save Money for Architectural Firms?
September 15, 2022

CGI is a real boost for an architect's presentations and promo materials. But is it always a budget-friendly solution? It highly depends on how you get this service. For instance, you might consider hiring an in-house 3D artist or even a team. You might think that being in close proximity to CG specialists will guarantee smooth communication and give you control over their work. These benefits, however, can be also easily ensured by seasoned projec...

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3D Interior Design Renders: How They Help Designers Make a Stunning Online Portfolio
September 13, 2022

A potential client usually spends just a few seconds looking at your web portfolio, even though you may have put a lot of time and a bit of your soul into it. How to change that? Talent and hard work don’t always guarantee an impressive and memorable portfolio – there should also be the right presentation. But getting stunning images to keep your portfolio up-to-date and showcase your current level of skills and creativity might not be easy. Here, ...

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Interior and Exterior Renderings for a Spectacular Villa in Georgia, US
September 8, 2022

Interior and exterior renderings can show architectural designs of any scale. Visual aesthetics, functionality, powerful atmosphere — CGI will show everything in photorealistic quality. Just look at the 3D render above. Don’t you feel like you are standing by the villa, feeling the warm sun on your face? You can practically hear the rustling of the leaves, birds chirping, and the trickling of water. That’s the effect lifelike 3D architectural rende...

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Instagram Ads for Real Estate: 7 Tips to Make Them Ultra-effective
September 6, 2022

With approximately one billion active monthly users, Instagram is one of the most popular social media. Unlike other platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, Instagram is all about visuals. And in real estate marketing, visuals sell. Sharing images on Insta allows industry players to foster connections with potential customers and build trust. However, the popularity of Instagram also means that it is oversaturated. So, catching the attention of a p...

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CGI Post-production: How It Helps Create Stunning 3D Visuals for Architectural Presentations and Marketing
August 23, 2022

CGI post-production is the last but not in any way the least important part of working on an architectural render. It defines the overall appeal, atmosphere, and hence the impact and marketing effectiveness of a picture. At the post-production stage, a CG image actually starts looking catchy and full of life, as the meaningful details and visual effects are added. So, what are those and how can they help you get breathtaking renders?  As an arch...

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Photorealistic Renderings for Architects: 5 Professional Goals They Make Easier to Achieve
August 18, 2022

Architects are exceptionally creative and hard-working professionals. They are always looking forward to fulfilling new ambitious goals. But sometimes, architects lack the time, energy, or other resources to achieve all the desired heights. One of the mentioned resources is high-quality imagery. Whether it is for finding a common language with a client who struggles to grasp design concepts, or for posting consistently on social media, architects n...

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Can a 3D Model be an NFT and Why Should Architects Create 3D Models of Buildings for Metaverse?
August 16, 2022

Since the end of 2021, the Metaverse and NFT have become buzzwords. A virtual 3D reality coming to enhance and maybe even replace the regular internet and social media looks like a thrilling opportunity for many creative professionals – including architects. The latter ones are already quite used to the benefits of 3D technology in the context of project presentations and marketing. However, a few architecture professionals already know how a 3D mo...

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Rendering for a House Exterior: 5 Tips to Get Mind-blowing 3D Imagery
August 9, 2022

Exterior 3D rendering is often used by architects and real estate experts. It serves a wide range of purposes from client presentations to social media marketing. But to do its job impeccably, CGI must be realistic and visually impressive. And to get exceptional rendering for a house exterior, it’s best to know exactly what to ask CG artists for when starting a project. There are some particular things you should pay attention to in order to get th...

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