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Industrial 3D Animation for a Factory Renovation in Dushore, Pennsylvania
November 25, 2022

This industrial 3D animation is kind of a star. The CG video ran on TV, and the plant it features was mentioned on citybiz and areadevelopment platforms. Working on such a high-profile project was both exciting and extremely gratifying. One reason is that this renovation is caused by the UnityLab company moving operations outside of Dushore town in order to expand. And this new manufacturing plant will bring 150 jobs to Dushore town in Sullivan Cou...

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How to Get Clients as an Interior Designer: 7 Tips That Actually Work
November 15, 2022

How to get clients as an interior designer? For many professionals in the field, especially up-and-coming ones, this question is crucial. To gain success as an interior designer, being skillful in what you do is not enough. You should be able to market and sell your skills and attract the right audience. So how do you go about that? Our architectural visualization studio works with many interior designers, both aspiring and established ones. We ...

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3D Real Estate Virtual Tours for a Luxury Condo in Montreal, Quebec
November 9, 2022

3D Real estate virtual tours make powerful tools for preselling luxury properties. Their visual impact and immersiveness turn visitors into buyers and increase sales considerably. So from both experience and business standpoint, 3D tours rock! And our tech-savvy client, George Pamel from Presti Demeures et Développements, knows that. That’s why George Pamel contacted our CGI rendering company on Aug 27, 2021. This was our third project already. ...

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3D Architectural Rendering for New York Projects: 2 Case Studies by ArchiCGI
November 8, 2022

Looking to get 3D architectural rendering for New York project presentations? In that case, it might be useful to start by browsing some examples of CG visuals created for other architects and real estate companies in the area. The first thing you’ll probably notice in those is the unmistakable urban atmosphere of New York State cities. With a distinctive blend of architecture from modern skyscrapers to cozy brownstones to the iconic Art Deco build...

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Architectural 3D Visualization Experts: 5 Skills They Must Have
November 1, 2022

When one thinks of skills proficient 3D visualization experts should have, the first thing that comes to mind is knowledge of industry-specific software. It can be 3Ds Max, Maya, Photoshop, and other software for 3D modeling, texturing, visualization, and animation. If you have ever tried to get a hang of even one of these programs, you definitely know it's not an easy task! However, being able to work in 3Ds Max and Photoshop is not enough to crea...

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How to Add People to Renders: Discover the Variety of Options for Your Archviz Projects
October 27, 2022

There are various tricks to make architectural 3D renders and animations captivating and impactful. One of them is adding people. They enliven renders and allow viewers to imagine the future look of a project easier and more vividly. Whether it's a residential neighborhood or a commercial space like a coffee shop, the presence of people in it will make the place look lived-in and realistic. What’s more, showing people near the building is a conveni...

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How to Comment on Results of an Architectural Rendering Project: 3 Ways
October 18, 2022

Giving notes to 3D artists is a vital part of any architectural visualization project. By doing it right, the client of a CGI studio can save themselves a lot of valuable time and, possibly, money. Because the way one gives feedback and makes requests is not just about convenience. It is also about the efficiency of communication with the CGI team and the speed of receiving the final renders. Now, the question is — how to comment on results in a 3D...

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5 Best Angles for Architectural Exterior Rendering to Choose From
October 13, 2022

Having lots of high-quality project visuals is a must for architects and real estate experts. That’s because to catch a potential client’s attention, their portfolios, social media, and presentations have to look irresistible. But taking alluring photos for this purpose is impossible when the project is at the design or construction stage. In this case, 3D visualization comes to help. With CGI, you can have any number of images to cover all your ne...

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They Voted, What About You? CGI Creation for Bold Public Art Installation in Florida
October 11, 2022

Just like architectural projects, bold public art initiatives require design approvals from stakeholders. So, when it comes to presenting an extravagant large-scale concept, it is essential to have impressive visuals. And CGI creation is what helps artists succeed in bringing their ideas to spectacular realization. This is exactly why Matthew Mazzotta, an award-winning American artist, contacted our architectural visualization studio in August 2...

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Local Marketing Tips for Architects: 7 Ways to Attract Clients in Your Locality
October 6, 2022

Being a talented architect is not always enough to boost your career. To reach professional heights, you also have to get seen and noticed by a wide pool of potential clients. Even if you work internationally (and even more so if you're not there yet), doing projects for local customers is a great way to build trust, expand your portfolio, and do some good for your community. To achieve these goals, you should make use of some time-tested local mar...

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