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3D Visualization for Interior Design: 10 Unforgivable Sins of a Picture for Architects to Watch Out for
May 22, 2020

When architects need to show the expected outcome of their projects at presentations, in portfolios, or marketing materials, they opt for architectural 3D visualization. CGI is an ultra-convenient option for getting photoreal images showing the future look of spaces that aren’t finished yet. But there is an issue — with so many producers of 3D visualization for interior design on the market, how to determine which ones make the most quality renderi...

High-Quality 3D Renders: 7 Marketing Ideas for Which They Are Indispensable
May 19, 2020

From real estate to malls and restaurants, extensive marketing campaigns for architectural projects require a great number of diverse high-quality visuals. Those include still and animated images showing a building from different angles, at different times of day, and maybe even in different seasons. Then, the major interior details must be highlighted as well, making ads both entertaining and informative for the viewers. Some images can have peopl...

Video Marketing Ideas for Real Estate Agents: 8 Solutions That Lead to Success
May 14, 2020

The effectiveness of video in marketing cannot be underestimated. Studies show that 72% of prospective customers prefer this type of content to text adverts. And using videos as real estate marketing materials has even more effect. The listings with a video get 403% more inquiries than those without!This kind of content has numerous advantages. A video can show potential buyers details about the house they would otherwise not see. For instance,...

Digital Renderings: How They Help Architects Influence Prospects and Win Clients
May 12, 2020

To run a successful business, architects have to know how to engage clients on all stages of their customer journey — from the awareness stage to the project approval. And to do that, they need powerful visual tools. Traditional means such as drawings, sketches, and photographs are of little help here. Even the most skilled and talented architecture expert would find it hard to keep their prospects’ attention and win their loyalty with blueprints. ...

Architecture & Advertising: How to Smartly Promote Your Services with 3D Visualization
May 7, 2020

Any architecture company, no matter how successful and famous it is, needs to constantly advertise its services to stay in the game. Because today’s market of architectural services is oversaturated with offers and advertising is aimed at getting a prospect’s attention no matter what. Therefore, companies benefit greatly from shaping and maintaining a solid brand identity. That helps to attract and retain clients who share the same values and are e...

Inspiration Sites for Architects: Our Top-6 Selection of Resources to Check out
May 5, 2020

Architects seek to find inspiration from different sources. They may get it from their colleagues’ innovative projects, old architecture, books, magazines, even from nature and travels. However, architects have a tight schedule, and they do not always have time to explore all these sources. So, they are happy if they can easily find many inspiring materials in one place. And inspiration sites for architects give them just what they need. Such p...

3D Residential Design Services: How They Help Architects and Designers Deal with Home Remodeling Projects Easily
April 30, 2020

3D residential design services help architects and designers easily prevent problems during remodeling projects. Which is a great relief for both architecture professionals and homeowners. That is because this type of project brings serious changes to house design and doesn’t forgive mistakes. Works can include anything from adding a kitchen island or a partition cabinet to breaking down walls and building new ones to completely remake the structur...

Realistic 3D House Renderings: How They Help Architects Turn Difficult Clients Into Loyal Ones
April 28, 2020

Architecture business is one half developing brilliant designs and one half building cooperative relationships with clients. But finding mutual understanding is not always easy. It can happen that a customer constantly changes his or her mind, which complicates the workflow. Or a potential client had worked with an unreliable contractor in the past, so now he or she is reluctant to trust an architect’s abilities and doubts every solution offered. T...

Architectural Visualisation: 5 Ways It Enhances Customer Journey
April 23, 2020

For any architect, a project starts with a presentation of a concept to a client. Which means that first pitch must be as thought-through and polished as possible. Especially when the client is a large development firm or a property owner with an overly refined taste. Most likely, they have a revolving door of architects trying to convince them they are the ones for the job.However, those candidates are never chosen randomly in the first place....

CGI Advantage: 5 Reasons Why 3D Rendering Has an Edge over Photography in Creating Marketing Materials for Architects
April 16, 2020

At first glance, CGI advantage over photography for making marketing materials might not be that obvious for architects. The majority of these professionals are used to creating ads and filling portfolios with the help of photos. Which is a time-tested and reliable means. But oftentimes, photography just cannot meet the growing demand of an architect for quality visual content.The problem is that making fancy photographs is possible only when t...

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