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How to Get Word of Mouth Marketing to Work for Architects: 5 Key Strategies
May 23, 2023

Word of mouth marketing has long been recognized as a powerful tool for businesses across various industries. And architecture is no exception. So, what is word of mouth marketing? Simply put, it's an organic spread of positive recommendations and referrals from satisfied clients, colleagues, and industry professionals. That being said, the question is: how to get word of mouth marketing to work for architects?  Our 3D rendering studio collabora...

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Project Deadline: 5 Things That Help Professional 3D Rendering Studios Guarantee Timeliness
May 16, 2023

What is one of the biggest concerns architects and designers face when outsourcing CGI? It is the question of whether their contractor is able to meet the project deadline. Having no direct personal control over the creation of your renders, you might feel you can never sleep peacefully when outsourcing. However, a truly professional CGI studio always has decent safeguards in place. So, if you choose the right partner, there's no need to worry. And...

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10 Types of Shots in Animation: Choose Smartly to Show Your Architectural Project at Its Best
May 9, 2023

In recent years, 3D animation has become indispensable for architects. It allows them to showcase the future look of their projects in a visually stunning and engaging way. Still, 3D animation is a relatively new tool. So, there might be some confusion about how to use it properly. For instance, one may feel uncertain about which camera angles to choose for the storyboard of a 3D video. There are various types of shots in animation, each offering i...

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Interior Design Instagram Tips: How to Make Your Account a Client Magnet
May 2, 2023

Despite the growing competition with other platforms, Instagram is still the king of social media marketing. It is especially true for interior design businesses where compelling visuals are crucial to illustrate the selling points of service. However, navigating Instagram marketing can feel like a full-time job (and for some people, it is). But more often than not, you don't have to hire an SMM manager to make your Insta account an efficient busin...

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“Always have a plan to make it through the tough times” — an interview with Gail Doby, founder of the Pearl Collective coaching and consulting group for designers
April 25, 2023

Gail Doby’s knowledge and talent in the field of interior design are unmatched. The facts speak for themselves: Gail has been sought after as a designer even before getting her design degree. Since earning that degree, along with one in finance, she has gained extensive experience running her own design firm for many years. Ultimately, she reached a stage where she wanted to assist fellow designers in managing their businesses and achieving prosper...

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Commercial 3D Rendering for Architecture: 8 Tips to Make It Mesmerizing
April 20, 2023

Commercial architectural projects such as hotels, offices, restaurants, and retail spaces require exceptionally captivating presentations to win investors. There’s where CGI comes in handy. With 3D rendering, architects and designers can help stakeholders visualize the final product before construction even begins. However, creating a simple SketchUp model of a building is often not enough to impress them. Photorealistic commercial 3D rendering can...

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6 Best Angles for Interior 3D Rendering: Pick the Ones That Will Make Your Project Look Irresistible
April 11, 2023

3D visualization is a powerful asset in an interior designer's toolset. But it only brings profits if used smartly. For instance, perspective in a rendering matters a lot. It can make or break the impact of the image and the overall impression of your design. However, you can find it challenging to decide on the best angles for interior 3D rendering. The choice will depend on the layout as well as your specific project goals. So, how exactly do you...

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Why are CGI project managers essential for both clients and 3D artists? Interview with Chris — ArchiCGI’s Senior PM
April 4, 2023

Why are CGI project managers essential for both clients and artists of a 3D visualization company? PMs are responsible for all kinds of non-creative yet crucial tasks. These include completing briefs with clients, managing deadlines, distributing tasks among team members, and so on. If 3D artists were in charge of all that, it would take clients ages to get their renders. But fortunately, there are PMs who take care of all the management aspects. T...

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Work-life Balance of an Architect: 7 Go-to Tips to Keep It
March 30, 2023

Given the demands of a highly creative and complicated profession, the work-life balance of an architect is hard to achieve. Often, it ends up being more of a work-and-more-work balance. Architects are known for their long working hours and "it should have been done by yesterday" deadlines.  Needless to say, in a long-term perspective, a poor work-life balance paves the way to burnout. And if you're reading this article, there's a chance you're ...

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Dollhouse Rendering for Architecture: Its Types and Unique Benefits
March 23, 2023

Looking for fresh ways to present an architecture or real estate project to your clients? Want to make prospective customers stop scrolling their social media feeds once they see your posts? It's quite possible that dollhouse rendering for architecture is exactly the thing you have been searching for. Dollhouse CGI, also known as section view, is not the most common type of 3D visualization. Compared to regular exterior and interior 3D rendering...

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