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Real Estate Social Media Strategy: 7 Mistakes to Avoid at All Costs
July 2, 2020

Having a good social media marketing strategy is essential for realtors. Forbes states that an agent`s SM business profiles can work as their personal advertising agency. Furthermore, according to the 2019 report of the National Association of Realtors in America, social media is the best source for generating high-quality leads. The same research found out that 80% of millennials and 78% of Generation X use their mobile device to find a new home. ...

High-Quality Rendering: How It Makes for Irresistible Architecture Advertising
June 25, 2020

Advertising in architecture is a necessity, given the fierce competition in the industry. To advertise their services with success, professionals in the field need to use the most powerful promotional tools. One of these is undoubtedly high-quality rendering. So, how did this come to be? Before the advent of CGI, an architect would need to wait until the project was fully completed to obtain dazzling images and videos of it. This meant a delay i...

3D Walkthrough Animation: How It Helps Architects Win the Audience's Hearts at Presentations
June 18, 2020

To win the hearts and minds of serious stakeholders or clients at a presentation, an architect needs something much more outstanding than drawings and sketches. Schematics are good at showing the technical aspects of the project, but there is no way they can approach the audience’s emotions and imagination. Emotions are vital because people make their decisions, not only rationally but also emotionally. Emotions are often more powerful than logi...

3D Render for Interior Design: 5 Uses for a Designer's Marketing Campaign
June 16, 2020

The competition in the interior design business is fierce. And statistics prove that. In the US only, there are 100 000 registered interior design businesses, and they all compete for clients. In this environment, a designer must find a way to stand out and promote their services effectively. Otherwise, even the most talented professional can lose the competition to those who manage to market themselves smartly. How to avoid that? Launching an e...

Residential Exterior Renderings: How They Help Architects Build Rapport with Clients
June 11, 2020

An architectural business is only one half design work. The other half is building trusting relationships with clients. Some would go as far as to say that the latter is more important, and for a good reason. In the current hyper-competitive architectural market, the ones who attract and keep the most customers stay in business and prosper. No matter how talented an architect is, if he or she can’t win over the hearts and minds of potential clients...

Architectural Rendering Studio: 5 Tough Work Situations When an Architect Needs It
June 9, 2020

Architects often find themselves in complicated work situations, where they need some extra help from the outside. Usually, those situations are quite the same every time. Therefore, many specialists look for a universal solution, something they can always rely on. And as simple as it may sound, there are at least 5 common crisis situations that can be resolved by partnering with an architectural rendering studio. However, those who don’t use CG...

Market Plan for Architecture Firms: 6 Tips to Promote Architects' Services Effectively
June 5, 2020

Developing an effective marketing strategy is essential for architects to procure new business opportunities. But formulating a unique market plan might be challenging for them. That is because an architect is a busy professional who often has to deal with multiple projects at a single time. Which does not leave much room to study marketing techniques and implement them in business. So, many architecture experts use a word-of-mouth approach and a w...

3D Architectural Visualization Studio: How It Helps Architects Wow Investors at a Project Pitching
June 2, 2020

A 3D visualization studio can help architects succeed at the stage of pitching a project to a serious investor. Which is a critical moment for any architecture specialist. They need something truly outstanding to ensure that the stakeholder’s decision will be a positive one. But it is hard to achieve it with traditional presentation materials. No matter how accurate and detailed the drawings and sketches are, they might be of little use if investor...

Realistic Exterior Rendering: 7 Ways 3D Artists Make Renders Look Like Photos
May 28, 2020

Many architects and marketers of architectural projects who have never used 3D exterior rendering services often underestimate how photorealistic the renders can be. Therefore, being unaware of the full potential of CGI, they might fail to get the most of it for their projects. For instance, by placing orders for those services without providing enough technical details, style references, or comments. In other words, setting the bar rather low from...

3D Visualization for Interior Design: 10 Unforgivable Sins of a Picture for Architects to Watch Out for
May 22, 2020

When architects need to show the expected outcome of their projects at presentations, in portfolios, or marketing materials, they opt for architectural 3D visualization. CGI is an ultra-convenient option for getting photoreal images showing the future look of spaces that aren’t finished yet. But there is an issue — with so many producers of 3D visualization for interior design on the market, how to determine which ones make the most quality renderi...

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