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CGI for Interior Design: Top-5 Challenges Designers Solve by Outsourcing It
November 22, 2023

In the world of interior design, CGI has become a necessity for bringing concepts to life. But it can be challenging for a designer to make the most of this technology without the help of specialists. Not all interior design experts are proficient at working with photorealistic CGI software. Besides, professional rendering hardware might be an investment that doesn’t meet the designer’s budget. What to do in such cases? 3D visualization studio emer...

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Real Estate Seasonal Marketing: How to Leverage the Specifics of Each Season Using CGI and More?
November 21, 2023

In some ways, real estate sales follow the natural ebbs and flows of the seasons. Most families move during the summer break. Winter is a slower time with fewer listings and fewer potential buyers. But those who are looking for property in cold months are often more likely to be serious about closing the deal than summertime browsers. Also, in wintertime, with your competitors going into a bit of a hibernation of their own, your content has a bette...

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Innovative Types of 3D Rendering: 5 Options Every Architect Should Know About
November 7, 2023

CGI is an indispensable tool for architects and has been for a while. However 3D rendering technologies are ever-changing and developing. Even if you use 3D visualization in your work, there's a good chance you might have fallen behind on the recent trends that could make your presentations, portfolio, or social media even more eye-catching and attractive for potential clients. Our architectural rendering studio is always up-to-date on what's ho...

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Communication with a 3D Rendering Studio: 5 Tips to Get the Best Quality at the Most Reasonable Price
October 31, 2023

In architectural and real estate projects workflow, 3D rendering has become an efficient and ubiquitous tool. Using 3D renders is the easiest way to ensure you always have high-quality visuals for your portfolio, marketing materials, and presentations. And so, the importance of effective communication with a 3D rendering studio cannot be overstated.  In this article, we’ll share the best tips and practices on how to ensure your collaboration wit...

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SMART Goals for Architects and Designers: How to Set Them to Maximize Your Business Success
October 24, 2023

Setting realistic goals and tracking whether you achieve them is a crucial part of any professional’s development. Architects and designers are no exception. There are various strategic approaches to goal-setting for them to choose from, and one of the most popular methods is the SMART framework. An acronym for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound, SMART outlines a structured path to setting and achieving objectives effectivel...

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Outsourcing CGI for Architects: 4 Major Challenges It Helps Solve
October 12, 2023

In the modern world of architecture, following trends and implementing new useful tools is crucial for success. CGI for architects is one such tool. However, harnessing its power to the hilt is often hard when architects try to do it on their own. In such cases, outsourcing tasks to a 3D rendering company is an optimal solution. This way, architects can ensure they use CGI to its fullest potential. So, what are the top four hurdles that outsourcing...

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Types of 3D People in Animation: What Option Suits Your Project?
October 5, 2023

When it comes to 3D animation for architecture and real estate, there are a lot of tricks to make it more engaging and life-like. One of them is adding people. First of all, seeing a human figure near a building is the easiest way for the viewer to comprehend the scale of that building. It also helps them to imagine themselves in the presented location. What’s more, when 3D people in animation are doing some everyday things, like cycling or talking...

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What Is Pixel Streaming and How Can It Elevate Your Real Estate Business?
October 3, 2023

If you are in the real estate business, you know that using CGI to promote properties is a must, not an option. But how does one stand out from the competition when everyone uses the same tools? By staying ahead of the curve and embracing innovation. And currently, the latest in real estate marketing is Pixel Streaming. A cutting-edge visualization tool, it’s only starting to gain popularity and is still far from being a widespread solution. So, wh...

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Cityscape 3D Rendering: 7 Examples from ArchiCGI Studio That Will Mesmerize You
September 28, 2023

Are you looking to fill your presentations, portfolio, or marketing visuals with character and emotion? Try adding artistic cityscape 3D rendering into the mix. This type of image doesn’t necessarily focus on the architectural design itself. Rather than that, it can serve as an additional visual that demonstrates the project’s surroundings and conveys the atmosphere of the place. The 3D artists at our architectural rendering company love creatin...

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LinkedIn for Architects: How to Use It Effectively for Networking and Attracting Clients
September 26, 2023

Using LinkedIn for architects is a great way to expand connections with peers, stay on top of the industry news, and, of course, showcase your work. Furthermore, through this platform, you can connect with potential clients and partners, seek and offer mentorship, and find new job opportunities. On top of that, if you have a well-set-up LinkedIn profile, it'll be one of the first links people see when searching for your name or firm online. However...

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