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Architecture Professional Portfolio: 7 Tips to Make It Shine
September 24, 2020

Today, there’s a great number of ways to present an architect’s body of work. One can choose to create a website for this purpose or to design a digital or a printed brochure. To make an architecture professional portfolio stand out, many take a creative approach to filling it. They combine sketches, technical drawings, 3D renders, and mock-up photos. But with all those endless possibilities, it’s important to always keep in mind the reason for mak...

Architectural Visualization Firm: 5 Mistakes to Avoid When Selecting One
September 17, 2020

CGI is extremely useful for experts in the fields of architecture, design, and real estate. It provides them with presentation and marketing materials that show the expected results of projects even before the works are complete. This way, CGI helps highlight every selling point of an offer and make potential clients or investors confident about signing the deal. So, how can architects, designers, and realtors get top-notch CG visuals? For this, th...

3D Architectural Visualization Projects: 6 Tips on Dealing with Urgent Ones
September 10, 2020

Many experts in the fields of architecture, design, and real estate have made 3D architectural visualization projects an integral part of their workflow. And they know that the process of creating jaw-dropping photoreal visuals is quite difficult. It calls for high attention to details and hours of hard work of 3D artists. That is why clients of CGI studios usually try to set projects in advance. This helps to avoid the rush and allows a 3D renderi...

High-Quality 3D Interior Visualization: How It Conveys Both Functionality and Aesthetics of Designs
September 8, 2020

Good interior design is both visually appealing and functional. And its presentation should reflect that. The viewer must recognize all the benefits at first glance, without relying on the author's explanations. But traditional presentation materials such as sketches and mood boards are of little help here. They are quite unrealistic and schematic and do not allow the audience to visualize the design in detail. Which lowers the chances that the des...

Content for Architecture Website: 7 Winning Ideas for Architects
September 3, 2020

Maintaining a steady flow of new projects is the ultimate goal for all architects. And a professional web page that reflects the outstanding skills of its owner can help them achieve just that. A great architecture website with quality valuable content attracts, captivates, and engages potential clients. The trick is to know how to create that sort of content.  People surf websites of architects and architecture firms to get inspired, read exper...

Exterior 3D Architectural Visualization: 7 Types of Setting in Exterior Renders
August 27, 2020

It is hard to overestimate the benefits of exterior 3D architectural visualization. Architects, developers, and real estate experts widely apply this tool, and for a good reason. They use CG visuals for advertising their services and making compelling project presentations. One of the main advantages of architectural 3D exterior visualization is that it realistically depicts not only the building but also its surroundings. This provides viewers ...

3D Rendering for Interior Design: 12 Interior Styles Most Frequently Chosen by ArchiCGI's Clients
August 25, 2020

Many interior designers are already familiar with the benefits of CGI. This technology has truly taken the industry by storm. That’s because 3D rendering for interior design helps the professionals in the field at almost every stage of work. How so?  3D rendering can present an interior design project before it is brought to life. And unlike sketchy moodboards, CGI can do it in photoreal quality and great detail. Which means that designers can e...

Interior Rendering Cost: 10 Main Factors it Depends Upon
August 20, 2020

Interior rendering is arguably the best asset that a designer can use when showcasing a project to a client. Unlike sketches or mood boards, photoreal 3D visualization helps to get a clear understanding of how an interior will look. This tool has the power to bring any design idea to life. CG renders can also help interior designers to build outstanding portfolios and launch successful promotional campaigns. Thanks to 3D visualization, a designer c...

Instagram Strategy for Architects: 8 Tips on Promoting Architecture Services on Insta
August 18, 2020

With the enormous growth of social media popularity, architects should learn how to use it for business effectively. Since Instagram is considered to be the king among SM platforms and has over 1 billion monthly active users, it is a great place to start. Due to its visual nature, Insta is perfect for sharing stunning visuals of architectural projects. Moreover, Instagram offers amazing promotional opportunities, helps to establish a brand, and ass...

Commercial Exterior Rendering: How It Convinces Stakeholders to Invest in a Project
August 13, 2020

There is a difference between commercial and residential design. For the former, architects need to cater to the needs of a larger group of people. Rather than trying to meet the requirements of several homeowners, architecture specialists would need to think about the needs of all people who own, visit, and work at designed properties. That is a difficult task even for a seasoned professional. And pitching commercial exteriors to stakeholders is a...

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