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Design Approval

Explain clients the project in detail — an architectural 3D video will guarantee that the audience understands everything.

Real Estate Marketing

Pre-sell properties easily — a 3D animation will make buyers fall in love with the project and settle for nothing else.

Pitching to Investors

Prove the audience that the future project will sell at a profit by showing its every competitive advantage.

Innovative Types of Architectural 3D Animation

Discover the frontiers of architectural visualization with our unique 3D animation services. Bring your project presentations to a new level of realism and innovation.

CG Room Tour

Get a 3D video based on the real footage shot indoors to ensure unparalleled realism. This service is particularly helpful when you need to show the interior ‘before and after’ or give a preview of the post-renovation look. A great marketing tool for real estate professionals and interior designers.

Aerial CG Animation

In this type of 3D animation, a 3D model of your architectural design is seamlessly integrated into a real drone video of the location. This not only enhances the realism of your animation but also offers a cost-effective solution as 3D artists do not need to create the environment from scratch.

Architectural animation Workflow


We agree on camera and objects movements.


We demonstrate the camera movement with a grey model.


We approve textures and materials on static imagery.


You get a marketing-ready architectural movie.

What does a brief include?

To get a 3D video, you’ll need to send us some basic info on the project. Such as its location, video length, resolution, and more. To learn all the details and materials a project requires, download this brief for 3D animation services.

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Frequently asked questions

What is 3D animation?
3D animation is the process of bringing to life architectural concepts and designs using specialized software. Basically, the process comes down to 3D modeling of objects to be pictured, building and texturing the scene, rendering lots of images which then will be shown in a single sequence. The result is a photorealistic computer-generated video.
What are the types of architectural animation?
There are various ways to classify architectural videos. Depending on the design featured, they can be divided into 3D animations for residential and commercial objects. Or, 3D animations can be classified into those showing exterior, interior design, and both. In addition, architectural animations can be done as static slideshows and dynamic 3D videos.
How do I start a 3D animation project?
Just fill in the form below, and we will get back to you to discuss the project details.
How do I write a brief for 3D animation services?
We have a ready brief form you can use. You can fill it online, or download it in pdf. To find the brief, go to the footer of this page, and click “Get brief”.
What’s the cost of architectural animation?
The prices may vary according to the project specifics. To learn the exact cost of your architectural animation, please contact us through the form below or send us the project files.
What can architects and developers use 3D animation for?
Animated 3D video is an asset that can be used in several ways. Developers and architects can use it for presentations, communication with clients, filling portfolios, or as ads promoting their services on social media and other online platforms.
What are the benefits of 3d animation for architectural advertising?
Photoreal 3D animations get more attention on social media and attract more traffic than static pictures. Animated ads have a better ROI because they immerse the audience into the scene, and make them engage with the ad on a deeper level.
What software do you use for 3D animation?
There are different software solutions on the market, and we choose the best one according to the project needs. Most of the time, we work in 3Ds Max and Corona Renderer.
What software do you use for 3D animation?
There are different software solutions on the market, and we choose the best one according to the project needs. Most of the time, we work in 3Ds Max and Corona Renderer.
What does your 3D animation project workflow look like?
Before building a specific project’s workflow, we determine its needs. We look at the technical assignment, clarify what we need to know, and approve with you the step-by-step project algorithm with dates and milestones. This way, you know what to expect at every stage, can ask for corrections before the 3D animation is ready, and be confident that you’ll get the results you need throughout the project.

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