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Wonder what high-end 3D renders and animations look like? Then you’re in the right place! Check out the results and workflow descriptions of some of our latest projects.

Rendering Services for North Carolina Architectural Projects: 6 Impressive Case Studies
May 12, 2022

If you seek 3D rendering services for North Carolina projects, you can start by looking at some examples of CG visuals used by other architects in the area. It will give you an understanding of the level of image quality your clients expect from presentations. Also, seeing the renders of approved designs might help you develop a unique mood for your own 3D imagery while staying true to the region’s aesthetic. So, to provide some inspiration for ...

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Photorealistic 3D Animation for a Theater in Florida
March 1, 2022

This photorealistic 3D animation is an absolute show-stopper. It represents a virtual tour around the renovation project of the Century Village Theater in Boca Raton City, Florida. The camera takes you through a corridor, then upstairs, into a majestic auditorium. You take in the atmosphere, look at the infinite rows of seats, brightly illuminated stage, jet black piano. The dimly lit space has a relaxing effect on you. You continue down the stairs...

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Professional Exterior Visualization of a Prairie Residence in California: Case Study
February 15, 2022

The ArchiCGI’s client David Kuoppamaki is a co-owner of a KUOP Designs architectural firm based in California. He contacted us on the advice of his colleague in November of 2020. Initially, the architect wanted our team to do one professional exterior visualization of a Contemporary ranch designed by him. Pleased with the results of our work, he decided to go for long-term cooperation with ArchiCGI. Now, we’ve completed five 3D architectural visual...

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3D House Visualization for a North Carolina Project: Case Study
February 8, 2022

In this case study, we’d like to share with you the process of creating atmospheric 3D house visualization for ArchiCGI’s long-term client — Elliott Becher. He’s an architectural designer based in North Carolina and the author of the beautiful design above. Elliott first started working with our architectural visualization studio in August 2017. Since then, we’ve completed over 60 exterior and interior rendering projects for him. And for this ca...

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CGI for Real Estate Property Developed by Dagesse Company in Vermont: Case Study
November 18, 2021

Jacqueline Dagesse from Dagesse real estate development company reached out to us from a referral of her industry colleague in April of 2021. At that time, the Dagesse team was laying the foundation of a new boutique apartment building in Winooski, Vermont. The project called “City Gardens” would include 30 residential units and commercial space on the ground floor. This place promised to be a true pleasure to live in: beautifully designed, energy-...

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3D House Exterior Rendering for a Stylish Project of an Australian Architectural Designer: Case Study
October 19, 2021

ArchiCGI had the pleasure of working with Madison Paige, a Sydney-based architectural design, new home and knockdown rebuild consultancy firm headed by Neel Lochan. Neel is a multi-award-winning expert widely regarded as one of the leading consultants assisting clients in constructing homes on vacant sites and knockdown rebuild sites across Sydney. Neel strives on being the best at what he does and doing the best for his clients. It was second natu...

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Comprehensive CGI Services: Making 3D Renders and Animation for Westrak Structures Architectural Startup
October 5, 2021

How can architecture businesses that design and manufacture glamping structures get stellar marketing visuals? By ordering comprehensive CGI services. And in this case study, our architectural visualization studio will tell you about one of such projects in detail. Our client here was Westrak Structures — a UK startup that builds accommodation pods for glamping, structures for luxury outdoor living, garden office spaces, stables, and outbuilding...

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3D Rendering for Real Estate at Sea Island, Florida: Case Study
August 31, 2021

Stan Jones, the owner of Wahoo Realty agency, needed promo imagery to market a splendid residence in Fort Lauderdale. The home boasted a gorgeous location, sophisticated design, and all the comforts for a luxury life. But its construction was not 100% finished yet. To get top-notch marketing imagery for realty platforms, Stan opted for 3D rendering for real estate. He chose this option because photoreal CGI can show the future look of the building ...

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Restaurant 3D Rendering: Interior CGI for "Clay" — a Chic Dining Place in Manama, Bahrain
May 27, 2021

Restaurant 3D rendering is a powerful tool helping to present and get approval for the concepts of dining places. This is why it is appreciated by designers. One of them is Tristan du Plessis – a renowned interior architect, an insanely talented person, and our long-term client. ArchiCGI has completed multiple 3D rendering projects for him.  The architect tasked us with 3D visualization for Clay restaurant design in fall 2018. The eatery was to ...

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