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Wonder what high-end 3D renders and animations look like? Then you’re in the right place! Check out the results and workflow descriptions of some of our latest projects.

3D Rendering for Construction Materials: a Recap of CGI Projects Done for Steni Company
September 20, 2022

Using 3D rendering for construction materials is the smartest way to market these products. Let’s see why! When new building materials are launched, the brand naturally has no visual examples of their real-life usage yet. Due to long planning and building circles, it can often take 2-3 years from developing a new material until seeing it on an actual building. Does it mean the brands have to use plain photos of panels, stones, or bricks for product...

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Interior and Exterior Renderings for a Spectacular Villa in Georgia, US
September 8, 2022

Interior and exterior renderings can show architectural designs of any scale. Visual aesthetics, functionality, powerful atmosphere — CGI will show everything in photorealistic quality. Just look at the 3D render above. Don’t you feel like you are standing by the villa, feeling the warm sun on your face? You can practically hear the rustling of the leaves, birds chirping, and the trickling of water. That’s the effect lifelike 3D architectural rende...

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3D Architectural Rendering in the USA: 10 Impressive Project Presentations from Different States
August 4, 2022

Are you planning to get 3D architectural rendering in the USA? Then it’s a great idea to start by checking out some visuals used by other architects across the country. That will help you understand what kind of imagery your clients will expect from the presentations, and set your standards accordingly. It’s especially useful to look at examples from different states if you work with clients from various parts of the country. This way, you can get ...

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3D Animation for Real Estate Redevelopment in NYC
July 26, 2022

This 3D animation for real estate property was commissioned by our highly esteemed partners and friends from Neymarc Visuals, a US-based video production and VFX studio. The showreel features the future result of a large-scale renovation project — a beautiful office building in New York. Our clients needed a 3D architectural animation to give viewers a glimpse of the interior and exterior design of the future real estate jewel. It was our second...

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3D Building Rendering for a Veterinary Clinic in Hawaii: Project Overview
July 5, 2022

When it comes to civic architectural projects such as veterinary clinics, precise visualization is key to a successful design presentation. A photorealistic 3D building rendering allows architects to showcase every aspect of the concept with immaculate precision. Most importantly — in a way that is easily understandable for any viewer. It is particularly necessary when the project requires fundraising before it can be realized. And that is exact...

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Rendering Services for North Carolina Architectural Projects: 6 Impressive Case Studies
May 12, 2022

If you seek 3D rendering services for North Carolina projects, you can start by looking at some examples of CG visuals used by other architects in the area. It will give you an understanding of the level of image quality your clients expect from presentations. Also, seeing the renders of approved designs might help you develop a unique mood for your own 3D imagery while staying true to the region’s aesthetic. So, to provide some inspiration for ...

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Photorealistic 3D Animation for a Theater in Florida
March 1, 2022

This photorealistic 3D animation is an absolute show-stopper. It represents a virtual tour around the renovation project of the Century Village Theater in Boca Raton City, Florida. The camera takes you through a corridor, then upstairs, into a majestic auditorium. You take in the atmosphere, look at the infinite rows of seats, brightly illuminated stage, jet black piano. The dimly lit space has a relaxing effect on you. You continue down the stairs...

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Professional Exterior Visualization of a Prairie Residence in California: Case Study
February 15, 2022

The ArchiCGI’s client David Kuoppamaki is a co-owner of a KUOP Designs architectural firm based in California. He contacted us on the advice of his colleague in November of 2020. Initially, the architect wanted our team to do one professional exterior visualization of a Contemporary ranch designed by him. Pleased with the results of our work, he decided to go for long-term cooperation with ArchiCGI. Now, we’ve completed five 3D architectural visual...

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3D House Visualization for a North Carolina Project: Case Study
February 8, 2022

In this case study, we’d like to share with you the process of creating atmospheric 3D house visualization for ArchiCGI’s long-term client — Elliott Becher. He’s an architectural designer based in North Carolina and the author of the beautiful design above. Elliott first started working with our architectural visualization studio in August 2017. Since then, we’ve completed over 60 exterior and interior rendering projects for him. And for this ca...

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