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Wonder what high-end 3D renders and animations look like? Then you’re in the right place! Check out the results and workflow descriptions of some of our latest projects.

3D Rendering for Real Estate at Sea Island, Florida: Case Study
August 31, 2021

Stan Jones, the owner of Wahoo Realty agency, needed promo imagery to market a splendid residence in Fort Lauderdale. The home boasted a gorgeous location, sophisticated design, and all the comforts for a luxury life. But its construction was not 100% finished yet. To get top-notch marketing imagery for realty platforms, Stan opted for 3D rendering for real estate. He chose this option because photoreal CGI can show the future look of the building ...

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Restaurant 3D Rendering: Interior CGI for "Clay" — a Chic Dining Place in Manama, Bahrain
May 27, 2021

Restaurant 3D rendering is a powerful tool helping to present and get approval for the concepts of dining places. This is why it is appreciated by designers. One of them is Tristan du Plessis – a renowned interior architect, an insanely talented person, and our long-term client. ArchiCGI has completed multiple 3D rendering projects for him.The architect tasked us with 3D visualization for Clay restaurant design in fall 2018. The eatery was to ...

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3D Modeling Process: Making Assets for QiSpace – a Norwegian Tech Startup
April 29, 2021

Let us begin by saying that this project was quite unique. What made the 3D modeling process here particularly exciting was the final purpose. Because it was about establishing an absolutely innovative approach to presenting real estate on sale.Our client here was a Norwegian tech startup called QiSpace. Currently, they’re developing powerful technology for automating architectural 3D visualization. Its purpose is to help real estate developers...

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Beautiful Architectural 3D Renderings for a Seaside Residence: Case Study
April 1, 2021

Surprise! This article is not about a new Tarantino movie. Though yes, the picture does look a lot like a frame from one. Beautiful work, isn't it? In reality, this is the intermediate render we created for a mind-blowing project by Murat Özcelik, the director of Wunschhaus Architektur & Baukunst studio. He reviewed the draft and sent it back captioned, saying it reminded him of Tarantino films.Now, if you think nothing can beat this ...

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3D House Rendering Services for an Architectural Project in Pennsylvania
February 23, 2021

This 3D house rendering was a fascinating project. That the CG artists understood at the first glance at the assignment. For the building was super elegant and cozy, and its surroundings — idyllic, full of lush greenery, lit by abundant sunlight. A sheer pleasure to work with!The imagery was commissioned by Andrew Wiegand, an amazing designer and architect from Wiegand Inc. He worked on the house extension project and wanted to show his client ...

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Exterior House Rendering for an Exquisite Chalet in Switzerland: Case Study
November 12, 2020

This exterior house rendering is quite special for us. The project was designed by a fantastic architect Lara Cadringher, and we created CGI for it in 2016. And in 2020, Lara emailed us that the chalet was ready! She even included a few photos, in which we recognized the cozy residence.We are very grateful that the architect thought about us and let us know about the project update. It’s always a pleasure to hear from friends, and the 3D artist...

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3D Walkthrough For A Luxury Penthouse Ad: Case Study
November 5, 2020

This 3D walkthrough for a luxury condo was created for Surface Developments, a premium real estate development company in Ottawa. They sell upmarket housing and offer custom design services, so that the buyer doesn’t need to go search for designers elsewhere. Instead, they can get with Surface Developments a ready apartment that was designed to suit their every need.That was exactly what the 3D walkthrough needed to showcase. Our task was to de...

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3D Architecture Renders for a Rural Residence Designed by Wunschhaus Architektur & Baukunst
October 15, 2020

CG architecture renders do bring dreams to life! And have an unprecedented persuasion power. This time, we want to tell you about the amazing dream CGI project called Vogelhaus we were privileged to work on.The plan of this gorgeous rural complex includes two new old houses, a modern-looking building, and a large garden. The project was created by Wunschhaus Architektur und Baukunst, an Austrian architectural studio.Murat, the managing dir...

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Real Estate Visualization for Flatiron Commercial Design: Case Study
March 10, 2020

ArchiCGI's long-term client Meridian International Holding is a multinational corporation of high-end property development. It is based in Cambodia and is currently constructing premium mixed-use real estate called Flatiron, which includes apartments, offices, and retail spaces. In order to present this project at the state tender and get the approval of its implementation, the developers used the real estate visualization made by our architectural...

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