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Wonder what high-end 3D renders and animations look like? Then you’re in the right place! Check out the results and workflow descriptions of some of our latest projects.

Industrial 3D Animation for a Factory Renovation in Dushore, Pennsylvania
November 25, 2022

This industrial 3D animation is kind of a star. The CG video ran on TV, and the plant it features was mentioned on citybiz and areadevelopment platforms. Working on such a high-profile project was both exciting and extremely gratifying. One reason is that this renovation is caused by the UnityLab company moving operations outside of Dushore town in order to expand. And this new manufacturing plant will bring 150 jobs to Dushore town in Sullivan Cou...

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3D Real Estate Virtual Tours for a Luxury Condo in Montreal, Quebec
November 9, 2022

3D Real estate virtual tours make powerful tools for preselling luxury properties. Their visual impact and immersiveness turn visitors into buyers and increase sales considerably. So from both experience and business standpoint, 3D tours rock! And our tech-savvy client, George Pamel from Presti Demeures et Développements, knows that. That’s why George Pamel contacted our CGI rendering company on Aug 27, 2021. This was our third project already. ...

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3D Architectural Rendering for New York Projects: 2 Case Studies by ArchiCGI
November 8, 2022

Looking to get 3D architectural rendering for New York project presentations? In that case, it might be useful to start by browsing some examples of CG visuals created for other architects and real estate companies in the area. The first thing you’ll probably notice in those is the unmistakable urban atmosphere of New York State cities. With a distinctive blend of architecture from modern skyscrapers to cozy brownstones to the iconic Art Deco build...

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They Voted, What About You? CGI Creation for Bold Public Art Installation in Florida
October 11, 2022

Just like architectural projects, bold public art initiatives require design approvals from stakeholders. So, when it comes to presenting an extravagant large-scale concept, it is essential to have impressive visuals. And CGI creation is what helps artists succeed in bringing their ideas to spectacular realization. This is exactly why Matthew Mazzotta, an award-winning American artist, contacted our architectural visualization studio in August 2...

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3D Renderings for Los Angeles Projects: 3 Things to Consider When Making Them
September 29, 2022

How to create truly authentic-looking 3D renderings for Los Angeles architectural projects? There’s much more to it than just following a brief. In fact, 3D artists need to factor in several aspects to ensure that the visuals convey the atmosphere of the place in the most realistic way. Moreover, knowledge of the local LA environment and design specifics helps CG experts streamline the 3D visualization process, as they don’t have to refer to the ar...

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3D Rendering for Construction Materials: a Recap of CGI Projects Done for Steni Company
September 20, 2022

Using 3D rendering for construction materials is the smartest way to market these products. Let’s see why! When new building materials are launched, the brand naturally has no visual examples of their real-life usage yet. Due to long planning and building circles, it can often take 2-3 years from developing a new material until seeing it on an actual building. Does it mean the brands have to use plain photos of panels, stones, or bricks for product...

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Interior and Exterior Renderings for a Spectacular Villa in Georgia, US
September 8, 2022

Interior and exterior renderings can show architectural designs of any scale. Visual aesthetics, functionality, powerful atmosphere — CGI will show everything in photorealistic quality. Just look at the 3D render above. Don’t you feel like you are standing by the villa, feeling the warm sun on your face? You can practically hear the rustling of the leaves, birds chirping, and the trickling of water. That’s the effect lifelike 3D architectural rende...

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3D Architectural Rendering in the USA: 10 Impressive Project Presentations from Different States
August 4, 2022

Are you planning to get 3D architectural rendering in the USA? Then it’s a great idea to start by checking out some visuals used by other architects across the country. That will help you understand what kind of imagery your clients will expect from the presentations, and set your standards accordingly. It’s especially useful to look at examples from different states if you work with clients from various parts of the country. This way, you can get ...

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3D Animation for Real Estate Redevelopment in Pennsylvania
July 26, 2022

This 3D animation for real estate property was commissioned by our highly esteemed partners and friends from Neymarc Visuals, US-based video production and VFX studio. The showreel features the future result of a large-scale renovation project — a beautiful office building in Pittsburgh. Our clients needed a 3D architectural animation to give viewers a glimpse of the interior and exterior design of the future real estate jewel. It was our second...

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