Exterior architectural render you see displays a modern apartment house with a yard under the evening lights. The Architect needed to showcase the benefits of this beautiful project, so he contacted ArchiCGI for high-quality presentation visuals.

The cg render underlines the homey feel about the project. A subtle moonlight imbues the picture with soothing illumination, making the design look especially charming and elegant. Looking at the exterior image, the architect’s client will not only see a visual depiction of the building but also feel the comfort of the residential area which is just perfect for family living. The image elements – balloons and people strolling around – add to the the atmosphere, making this 3D architectural exterior render a great advertising material for a pre-sale.

The hyper real visualization of a house exterior helped convey the Architect’s amazing design idea at the presentation. His client liked the project and the presentation alike, so both parties found mutual understanding and started successful collaboration. And we are extremely happy to be a part of this cooperation and look forward to rendering more beautiful architectural projects for this company.

Want your project presentation to wow the audience? Use ArchiCGI 3D exterior visualization services and get photorealistic renderings that will sell the design!