3D architectural interior design for kitchen project you see is a combination of modern and green. But it is not just a comfortable and stylish scene. It is so much more, for it tells you the story of a harmony between progress and nature our customer aspires to live in. This is what we are looking for when seeking rendering services.

Above all, you can see it in the choice of textures for the project. Smoothness of gleaming metal surface, polished wood and transparent glass contrasts with roughness of wood of the dining table.

Most noteworthy, colour spectrum of this architectural interior design is strict and sophisticated. It contains only black, white and gray with occasional bright green accents of indoor plants. As a result, the light coming through the glass doors and large widows highlights the smooth surfaces. It somehow transforms the play of light and shades on this contrasting colours and textures into a breathtaking spectacle.

Especially relevant, the space of the design project is divided into two zones: kitchen for cooking and dining room. Designer separated the zones by a free passage beginning with the glass door and by stylistic difference of decorum.

As for the kitchen, it has much more space to move around and looks modern and edgy. And one simply cannot omit the walls made in beautiful black-and-white contrasting layers and emphasized with similarly-shaped lamp. The layers are designed to form a frame for the sources of light – doors, windows, the lamp. It gives the interior more volume and expression.

Furthermore, cozy suede armchairs around the table are at the heart of this beautiful contrast and sort of mirror the identical ones from the dining zone. Along with the smooth wooden surface of the floor, it unifies the whole architectural design.

Next comes the dining zone. Surprisingly, everything about it is more relaxed yet solemn. The crystal composition of a transparent glass of the table and sparkling chandelier makes you think that this is what classical sumptuousness of the future will look like.

Wonder if you could have a kitchen in a similar style in your house? Or have a lot of separate ideas you would like to translate into a kitchen project? Easy! Archi CGI architectural visualization studio has extensive experience with projects of any level of complexity. Contact us, share your thoughts and get your unique 3D architectural interior design for kitchen project!