3D architectural interior rendering you’ve just seen is a great example of how computer-generated imagery saves Architects and Designers loads of effort. The challenge was that the room did not have much space and needed to accommodate 3 functional zones. In order to pull that off, our client used a whole variety of interior design solutions, which he needed to showcase. And what can demonstrate a project better than photorealistic visualization?

First of all, the viewer appreciates the flattering color palette that makes the space look larger. Soft gray provides a counterpoint for brown warm of the wood, textiles, pink linen and bright patterns. The effect is enhanced by a mirror which opens the bedroom up and adds some brightness. Cool and practical! And so easily shown with quality 3D architectural interior rendering.

Speaking of practicality, Designer hid all storage in a built-in wardrobe which is carefully concealed in the wall. So that the bedroom interior is free from clutter and the available space is adorned with some tasteful decor. And good news is that the viewer appreciates the elegance of the solution and its benefits by one glance at a 3D architectural interior rendering. No fruitless explaining any more, or “trust me you’ll love it” arguments! Just plain facts and perfect mutual understanding.

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