3D architectural rendering you see above shows a gorgeous living room design. The room is full of charm and character, and makes the viewer think about a beautiful summer day and vacations.

The camera showcases the space from two different positions, thus giving the view of the kitchen and the living room. The open-space plan is obviously a perfect solution: the studio is full of sunlight and air, and incredibly comfy. In addition, 3D architectural renderings show the hallway and let appreciate its generous size and practicalities – such as a built-in storage, wall mirror and an elegant table with decor. This way, the cg renders illustrate all the activity zones of this practical interior design, together and separately.

Among other things, 3D architectural renderings also showed the perfectly balanced lighting design. The cgi illustrates how the huge windows let in plenty of light – which can be regulated with pretty curtains. Meanwhile, the diffused artificial light spots will provide sufficient general illumination in the evening, along with spectacular chandeliers for more local impact. This way, the perfect balance of light sources creates an inviting atmosphere, that will encourage people to spend there more time.

But one of the most striking things about the 3D architectural rendering is its possibility to convey the unique atmosphere of space. Thanks to the software and professional skills of the 3d artists the images look so real, that the viewer can easily imagine himself settling on the cozy sofa with a book, watching TV with the family or just gazing out of the window and admiring a beautiful scenery.

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