3D Architectural Renders are the tools that Professional Designers use for creation of extremely effective presentations. To illustrate that, have a look at this stylish 3D Architectural Render of a modern kitchen. Don’t they look amazing? The mix of red brick and wood creates a cozy, homely atmosphere, only enhanced by the sleek contrast with stainless steel appliances.

This seemingly risky decision plays quite well in the overall architecture of the image. The drama of two opposites is a very effective trick. In this case, there are two: the conflict of modern and antique, mentioned before, and the “technology versus nature”. This one is illustrated by introducing potted plants, clearly separated from the kitchen island, and natural light being less prominent than lamps. The effect would be completely lost if a hand-drawn sketch was used – only 3D Architectural render is capable of such task

Our creative team has done an exceptional job rendering this piece, implementing great ideas as well as making it look like a real-life photo! So if you want more spectacular 3D Architectural Renders, contact ArchiCGI for professional 3D visualization services. We’ll make sure your 3D Architectural Render looks appealing and functional at the same time!