3D architectural visualization is a valuable asset for architectural project presentations. It effectively presents design projects of all types and scales and impresses clients. So naturally, architectural visualization was a perfect choice for demonstrating the main features and stunning details of the interior design in the pictures above.

This example of 3D architectural visualization made it possible to show clients the comfort and coziness of their future dwelling. It helped to highlight every element of this interior: the softness of couches, the roughness of a carpet, the smoothness of wooden kitchen furniture, the reflections of daylight on the parquet. It made the studio look extremely lifelike and welcoming.

Different views allow us to see this interior design from different angles. It helped to demonstrate the separation of the studio areas: a kitchen, a dining zone and relax zone. In spite of the small size of the studio, each zone contained everything for a comfortable living. On top of that, the accuracy and realism of these architectural 3D visualizations highlighted the amazing interior accents and decor in every detail.

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