3D architectural visualization for Ruby project illustrates a colorful kids room in photoreal quality. The render shows all the brilliant design solutions – color scheme and patterns, textures and materials, sophisticated lighting.

We have shown the room from different camera angles, thus giving view of all functional zones and highlighting the convenient interior layout. The space is divided into 3 areas: study, relaxing and playing zones. The work corner includes a desk smartly positioned against the wall – so there are no distractions, easy access to shelves and plenty of daylight. For reading and resting, there’s a huge blue sofa with fun cushions, situated within arm’s reach of the bookcase. And there’s plenty of space to play with friends – enough to host a party!

As well as the layout, the high-quality cgi allowed to display an incredible lighting system. The 3D architectural visualization illustrates how the natural daylight comes through the casement window and fills the place with serenity and joy. In the evening, table lamps give sufficient light for reading, while the general lighting is provided by a fancy chandelier.

Most importantly, the 3D architectural visualization realistically depicts the materials chosen for the Ruby’s room and the impact they have on the interior. Solid rustic furniture and soft white textiles create a pleasant feel of freshness, while the deep blue sofa adds a fun color accent. This way, the home owners will see what it feels like for their kid to live there.

Another great thing about this 3D architectural visualization project is how it filled the virtual place with life. Small potted plants, fun toys and glowing candles give the space a soul, set a special atmosphere and thus take the visual presentation to the next level.

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