3D architectural visualization is a crucial tool for brilliant project presentations. It helps clients to understand Designer’s ideas and shows the benefits of the concept. This stunning example of architectural visualization was made for the interior Designer who wanted to successfully present a snazzy design project.

The classy studio interior in the CGI looks so realistic thanks to the professional skills of the 3D Artist and the cutting-edge 3D Max software plus V-ray rendering plugin. The result of 3D visualization is almost impossible to distinguish from real photos.

The 3D architectural visualization services allowed Designer to get many photorealistic views of the rooms. Different angles of view helped to showcase the advantages of the open space and its favorable combination with high ceilings and an abundance of natural light.

Speaking of light, our 3D Artist also showed the lighting scenarios of the studio which helped the client to appreciate the relaxing ambiance. For example, these chandeliers above the dining table provide a soft diffused light for a nice supper with a family or friends. Besides, 3D architectural visualization demonstrates how natural light from the window and the artificial illumination interact with each other and reflect on the white brick wall, smooth wood or shining leather furniture.

3D architectural visualization highlighted the precision of the interior details, including materials, decor and accessories. This effect makes viewers vividly imagine how they will rest on the cozy sofa with a cup of fragrant coffee in one hand and an exciting book in the other.

Need a polished project presentation? Contact our 3D visualization company and surprise your clients by your stellar design using 3D architectural rendering.