3D architectural visualization above illustrates an elegant studio design. It helped the Architect to show the convenient layout, textiles and finishes, and even the atmosphere the future space will have.

Due to perfectly selected camera angles, the viewer can see the space from three different positions. The front view allows to peek into both the kitchen and living room, while the angle views provide outlooks of each zone. The minimalist kitchen boasts clean lines and a beautiful combination of natural materials. A sleek black island bar separates it from the living room – a cozy relaxing area with smart storage solutions creating a fresh and orderly look.

Furthermore, the 3D architectural visualization helped the Architect to show the impact of lighting on the atmosphere. The windows allow for the daylight rays to come into the room and fill it with a bright glow. Apart from the natural light the cg image demonstrates functional lighting above the countertop and island bar, ensuring the comfort of daily cooking activities.

As well as that, photorealistic rendering helped showcase how beautifully materials work together. A shaggy rug, thick fabrics on the sofa, and sleek finishes of the kitchen cabinetry make a perfect combination, turning the studio into a welcoming oasis.

Another remarkable feature of this interior 3D architectural visualization is its striking realism in details, which allows to create a beautiful background story. A carelessly thrown blanket on the armchair, an opened book on the coffee-table and even wrinkled pillows make one think that the houseowner has just left the place.

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