3D Building Rendering for this gorgeous hotel designed by Tristan Du Plessis and GASS architects is a great example of the unprecedented opportunities of cgi for architectural presentations. For what other tool or technology can offer that level of persuasion? No sketch can make the impact photorealistic 3D exterior renderings do. And certainly, no other means can place the exterior design in realistic surroundings, showing its visual splendor and highlighting the strengths, like a real professional photography.

The 3D building rendering project consisted of two parts: renders with photo environment and ghost buildings. The latter option has two main merits: it is cost-saving and, most importantly, it focuses all attention on the building. Meanwhile, the background with environment showcases how nicely the building fits into the neighborhood, and what an attractive spectacle it makes at night.

Owing to the skills of ArchiCGI 3D Artists and top-notch 3D software, this 3D building rendering looks truly appealing. That’s why the Architect called upon our 3D visualization services. He used the renderings without settings for preliminary design approval, while the views featuring the project in a photoreal context he showed at the presentation and further deployed for advertising materials. This 3D building rendering made for smart design marketing!

Looking for ways to enhance your design presentation and convey the concept? Contact ArchiCGI 3D rendering company. We’ll provide you with photorealistic visualizations that not only showcase your masterpiece, but speak to your clients and let them experience your design as if for real.