3D interior design renderings give the audience a taste of the pleasure the project will bring into their lives. And this indoor swimming pool is all about pleasure! Just take a look at the 3D visualizations and feel the luxurious idleness it inspires. Conveying this atmosphere was the task of our 3D Artists, and here’s how they proceeded.

The main challenge about this interior design was the abundance of luxurious and reflective materials – black and white marble, metal, glass, leather and this beautiful crystal-clear water. First, that requires extreme care with lighting settings and textures. They should be so impeccable that it is almost a work of a surgeon! Second, only the professional 3D rendering software will provide the necessary means for such a work of art. Which is why we have used the best there is – 3ds Max and Vray plugin for more lighting possibilities.

So this professional 3D interior design renderings made for a beautiful architectural presentation. We know for fact that the client was extremely pleased with the concept and said that it was even better that he had expected. He looked at the 3D renders and imagined himself having a rest in one of those inviting chaise-longues by the pool. Then he’d enjoy the comfort of the spa while listening to the musical rustle of the cascade. And, of course, swim in the enormous pool framed with black marble columns with this delightful pattern…

Photorealistic 3D interior renderings do what no words can – convey the atmosphere and visual power of the design. Have a presentation ahead? Then give your client’s imagination a boost with the high-quality visuals – contact ArchiCGI for architectural 3D rendering services. We’ll make sure your design looks like a million dollars!