3D interior visualization project you see is all about harmony and balance. And the task of our 3D Artists was to match Designer’s strive for absolute perfection and bring his beautiful vision to life. So to achieve that level of photorealism, we’ve used the top software – 3D Max and Vray for that vibrant light you see throughout 3D interior visualization project.

The spacious studio interior includes three functional zones: kitchen, living room and relaxation area. The first two are separated by the kitchen island, while the third sort of drifted away to the corner by the window. This way, people in the room will feel together yet can regain their privacy at any time.

Probably, the most striking feature of the design are two glass walls letting in an ocean of greenery and light. That will make a nice topic for conversations by the table, not to mention that such solution is timeless. Best of all, we are confident that benefiting from the magnificent view each and every day has a therapeutical effect.

But let’s get back to our 3D interior visualization product. The kitchen in its whiteness and nobility is gorgeous, and its mistress appreciated the Designer including all these sleek stylish storage solutions. Besides from cupboards, there are shelves even in the kitchen island!

As for the dining room, it is so refined that the owners of the house will take particular pleasure hosting dinners there. The decor complements the style perfectly: some potted trees echoing the landscape by the windows, an incredible modern chandelier, and delicate orchids.

In a word, ArchiCGI 3D Artists consider themselves lucky to work with such beautiful designs every day. We are proud to say that this 3D interior visualization product is high-quality and has allowed the client to win real applause for the masterpiece. We can’t wait to see the photos when the interior is ready!

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