The living room you see on this architectural rendering is full of space and light. The client we worked for is a very busy man, who wished the interior to be resting, comfortable and minimalist. Yet, he wanted it to be imposing. So, the first thing designer did was to choose a focal point – a TV set. Then, he toned down the technological edge by incorporating it into a faux fireplace. This way, the living room on the architectural rendering looks warm and homey. At the same time, it definitely became a statement piece.

The wooden finishings on the wall and floor are eye-pleasing and natural, and the softness of textiles seem to shield you from the rest of the world. The beige color palette contributes to this effect, accentuated by accents of marble surface and emerald green cushions.

Overall, the living room on the rendering is a nice place to be in and relax after a hard-working day.

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