3D Max architectural rendering is an excellent tool to present interior design of a fancy place in photorealistic quality. The owner of the restaurant asked the Architect to create a cozy space stylishly decorated with contemporary colors and rich textures, and this photorealistic cg image helped our client depict his idea visually.

Sketches don’t convey the design idea to the fullest. It’s not an easy task trying to explain the restaurant owner an interior concept with drawings and material samples only. So to secure a perfect understanding with the restaurant owners, the Architect decided to use high-quality 3D visualizations showcasing his concept in photorealistic quality.

3D Max architectural rendering highlights all the advantages of the project at once: the materials, soft lighting, room spaciousness, color choices. The combination of the natural bare wood with the solid metal decor, masterly interspersed red chair accents into the warm-hued palette of the interior and smooth textiles of thick leat