A 3D Max Rendering That Conveys The Atmosphere

3D Max Rendering you see was created for the Architect to present his amazing interior design to clients. His task was to show the comfort and soothing atmosphere of the studio, so he seeked architectural rendering services to showcase them.

Open Plan For A 3D Design

What are the benefits of the open plan design? First of all, the space saved contributes to a soothing and restful atmosphere. Second, interior gets considerably more light. Third, no one feels isolated – so, open space is a perfect way to incite people to some cheerful communication. Naturally, these were the main tasks of prospective 3D Max renderings.

The Power Of Texturing And Lighting In The 3D Max Rendering

Our 3D Artists created 3 still images to show each zone of the studio in more detail. So, as you see from the first 3D Max rendering, the Architect chose light colors. And it works marvelously! This color palette visually creates more space, reflects more light and doesn’t distract the eye from the amazing view by the window. These realistic 3D scenes, spruced up with some Photoshop power for additional impact, show the power of white and beige.

The first 3D Max rendering of this studio interior shows us the zones of the kitchen, dining and living rooms. The sunlight coming through the window fills the space and plays beautifully on the fair wood, textiles and shining surfaces of stylish pendant lights. This natural and attractive lighting is created using V-Ray – 3D Max plugin that 3D Artists use to do real magic in their renderings.

This beautifully natural and neutral light makes the textures really stand out. And that is of an utmost importance when working with soft color palettes! You can see in the first 3D Max rendering how natural and soft the fabric of the carpet must feel. Looking at the first render, the client will see himself walking on it barefoot and taking a sit in one of these amazing wooden armchairs. So, he breathes in the delicate fragrance of orchids, sips some delicious wine and looks out at the mighty ocean beneath. What a spectacle!

Even More Impact With Color Accents In A 3D Max Scene

Nothing works better than a beautiful accent to give a light-colored palette a vibe. And as in this interior design 3D Max rendering, the Architect strived to create a soft and organic look, he naturally picked green. First of all, this particular hue echoes the green potted plants. As well as that, its luxurious velvet texture creates an interest in the room and makes it more sensual.

One more interesting point: in the third 3D Max rendering, you can see how extraordinary two wall windows look together and inundate the space with sunlight. The angle they form is marked by an elegantly simple column, on which the TV is positioned. Besides from being practical, there’s a pleasant irony about that. When tired of the view, opt for the usual entertainment. There’s no place for boredom in this beautiful 3D design!

It’s certainly handy that a quality 3D Max rendering can convey such an atmosphere to the clients of our Architect. In fact, when writing this, I myself feel the urge to pack my bags and go there to have some quality time off. Or I could totally travel light!

Would you like to use architectural rendering for your design presentations? If so – ArchiCGI 200 3D Artist and Modelers are always at your service.  Contact us – and we’ll make sure that you project looks stunning and feels real.