3D modeling project is a powerful marketing tool. Besides being much cheaper than classic photography, it offers nearly unlimited creative freedom. This particular 3D model looks great in catalogs and online shops due to its high quality, a living proof of the fact that CG can look just as good as traditional photography. Thanks to modern software capabilities, 3D modeling with visualization can showcase a product from angles that are impossible to recreate in real life, emphasize key features with subtle effects and give a specific mood to the images.

Computer programs can simulate materials and textures indistinguishable from real-life counterparts, as evidenced by this sofa. You can almost feel the material, and cloth folds are rendered naturally, resulting in an extremely cozy-looking furniture. Cleverly utilised lighting and reflections, as well as casual decor give the whole project a very inviting atmosphere.

A lively and atmospheric 3D modeling project can be your trump card in the market. Get your own selling bombshells with our professional 3D modeling services!