3D realistic rendering is a true asset for Designers and Architects. It gives them the power to accurately convey complex ideas to their clients and conduct most spectacular and persuasive project presentations.

What strikes the most about these 3D realistic rendering is the amazing work of 3D Artists on textures: the elegant upholstery of the sofas and armchairs, soft textiles of the pillows and the carpet, cozy wood etc. This realistic visual effect enabled the Designer’s clients imagine how comfortable it would be to lay on the soft sofa after a tiring working day, absorbed in a book and sipping delicious warm tea. Or how wonderful it would be to have friends over: for the interior is not only resting and serene, but also very sophisticated and stylish.

This 3D realistic rendering showcases how beautiful details, used sparingly, contribute to the elegance of the look. Flowers, accent cushions, the extraordinary lamp and the artwork will serve as conversation-starters and attract plenty of compliments. Hyper-realistic light turns the spectacle into an exquisite experience, softly touching every object in the scene and setting the atmosphere. As you see, 3D rendering offers infinite creative possibilities for highlighting the best features of a concept. For computer graphics nowadays can boast of incredibly powerful software, such as the 3D Max and Vray plugin.

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