This 3D Rendering for a stylish apartment in Chicago is all about accuracy and style. The Designer wanted to give a holistic view of the project, not just separate bits and pieces on the moodboard that the viewers have to pull together on their own. Which they usually do by sheer force of imagination and relying solely on their subjective experience.

The Designer sought ArchiCGI 3D rendering services primarily in order to show how wonderfully the style and layout he chose work for his client. He needed to successfully incorporate Kitchen, Dining and Living room into one cozy and practical space. Which he pulled off marvelously well! For the place looks extraordinary. So, our 3D Artists needed to produce visual material that’d present this architectural design with all accuracy and impact it deserves.

We’ve created a 3D Rendering to showcase each functional space of the Chicago apartment: a global view, a view of the Kitchen and Dining areas, a view of the Living room, and even an image highlighting the separation between the areas.

Gorgeous Interior For Great 3D Renderings

We think that the Designer chose the style wisely. Just look at 3D Interior Visualizations of this Chicago project! See how the open layout and absence of partitions seem to give more space to the studio? And this characteristic reserved beauty of the modern style which the client liked so much. Look how black and white gave the room brightness and a certain luminosity, spruced up with warm brown accent of plush chairs. Marble backsplash and media wall make for more volume, just like these edgy prints on the carpet and glass doors. That’s the strength of modern aesthetics: they allow to liberate space and create maximum impact with less tools – which is obviously a great choice for a multifunctional room.

The Power Of Photoreal

Photoreal 3D Rendering is the best choice for presentation of the space such as this Chicago apartment. For our 3D Artists managed to highlight the visual power of each material thus eliminating the risk of making it look dull. The textures are exquisitely real! The dark wood of the herringbone floor