3D rendering design project for this restaurant was a sheer pleasure for ArchiCGI 3D Artists. For we just love the art of Quentin Tarantino! And the interior really ignites imagination.

As for the software, for this visualization design we’ve used 3D Max and Vray plugin for the quality light. It was especially important, for the colors are vivid and the lighting system – so sophisticated.

There are two floors: the first one looking adventurous, while the second – more relaxed. Overall, green dominates the color palette in this project 3D design rendering. And don’t you think the shade is both luxurious and appetizing? Not to mention that it forms a perfect background for accents in bright yellow – the signature color of Tarantino movies. As for the splashes of vibrant orange and deep blue, they set the ambiance and allow for a sort of fun cartoon feel. And the decor is positively exquisite! Massive mirrors in gilded frames, portraits, cacti and disco ball set the tone of festivity and delightful absurdity. So sitting in the restaurant, the clients will feel themselves in a separate world with its own laws: so far away from the mundane that the latter seems unreal.

Overall, it is obvious that the commercial interior is special – right from the first glance at the 3D rendering for the restaurant design.

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