3D rendering image is essential for presenting an architectural project in a compelling and believable fashion. Clients have to see how an exterior will look in reality before they decide to give the green light to implementing an Architect’s ideas.

Our 3D Artists were thrilled to visualize the strikingly unique architectural design of a skyscraper. They put all of their skills and efforts into making this 3D rendering image as realistic as digitally possible. The lively environment of the city background with other modern buildings, cars on the roads and walking people made the cgi scene look extremely detailed and convincing.

The vibrant evening lighting and clouded steel sky in the image highlight the ambiance of an energetic busy city that surrounds the skyscraper. Its original futuristic design and vivid white color look especially remarkable on the grey twilight background. Thanks to these details of the 3D renderings, viewers can easily imagine the dynamic city vibes of this place and the everyday life of a lucky person that got a chance to work in such outstanding building.

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