High-Quality Rendering For Interior Design Of A Stylish Restaurant

This Rendering for Interior Design by ArchiCGI features a practical and cozy Restaurant Project.The space is separated by the bar into 2 parts: the morning cafe and evening areas. Consequently, the design in the architectural rendering kills two birds with one stone: offers a place for those who just want some coffee during the lunch break, as well as hosts guests looking for an entertaining evening and some delicious substantial meal.

Which is why those two areas, though harmonious, are quite different. Therefore, the task of 3D Artist was to show how masterfully the Designer created double-function space interior with a consistent design and cozy atmosphere. Let’s see how he coped and appreciate the brilliant concept!

Lighting Rendering For Interior Design: Vray-Enhanced

Let’s begin with the lighting of this Rendering for Interior Design. Since the cafe and restaurant areas are used at different times, the Architect created two different lighting systems:

  • In the evening part, we can see stylish and discreet spotlights.
  • As for the day area, interior is filled with bright sunlight because of three large windows.

Windows make for a great space for reading and communication, and the view is delightful. As well as that, large windows visually enlarge the space, while the decorative mirror wall with plants enhances the effect.

Accordingly, the 3D Artists from ArchiCGI strived to convey this atmosphere of cheerful conversation and good mood. So, they used Vray plugin to fill the room with this wonderful neutral light. Coming through the windows, it breathes life into materials. The sheen of marble bar is luxurious, the wood looks soft and cozy, and glass – translucent. The visualization looks attractive, and the space – inviting.

Can it be any more perfect? Yes – with a few people enjoying the design. At the stage of post-production, the 3D Artists used Photoshop to add to this Rendering for Interior Design a few typical representatives of the clientele. It helps to immerse the restaurant owners into design and make it look even more appealing.

Still Image Full Of Character: Adding Interest With Textures and Patterns

Though neutral in color, the Restaurant Rendering for interior design looks expressive owing to the interesting patterns. Geometry of the window frames, ceiling, honeycomb tiles and chair wires adds character to the architectural visualization.

The Perks Of Layout With 3D Max Visualization

Now, let’s take a closer look at the Evening Restaurant Area. Its wooden tables for four are elegant and somewhat formal. They are therefore perfect for a family meal as well as business lunch. For clients who wish to have more privacy, there are niche tables with soft comfortable seats and separate lighting.

Another interesting feature you can see in this Rendering for interior design – a wine collection on display. This way, visitors will know from the first glance that there are some refined drinks for every taste and occasion.

And at last, we can see the zest of this interior design – the open kitchen. The visitors can not only taste delicious meals in private atmosphere, but also appreciate the fine culinary art. This is a competitive edge of the restaurant interior, so the 3D Artist showed it in the separate 3D rendering for interior design.

Showcasing Ideas With Photoreal Architectural Renderings

Competing for a tender in commercial design is a tough battle: one might not get the second shot. However, 3D Architectural Rendering for Interior Design makes sure that the project gets the best shot. Visualization sort of lets it bloom before the eyes of the restaurant owner and also makes the task for him a lot easier. For how else is he supposed to get a full picture? Reading references, sketches and drawings is a prerogative of professionally-trained Architects and Designers.

While looking at this Rendering for Interior design, the owner will appreciate its style, comfort, lighting decisions and the benefits of the layout. Moreover, he’ll easily picture his clients coming in, chatting to each other, having really nice time and amazing wine in his brand-new restaurant. And possibly – becoming his loyal client without any more convincing, by the sheer power of atmosphere and the magic of his cooks.

Want to see your commercial design as if for real? Think of ways to surprise the client with design solutions? Then contact ArchiCGI rendering company. You’ll find the quality stunning, rendering price – very competitive, and your projects – winning.