3D rendering for a kid’s room became a valuable tool for our client’s design project presentation. It helped to showcase a two-story room interior in detail and demonstrate materials choices and decor.

A single 3D rendering showed the whole space of the kid’s room thanks to the camera position and the chosen angle for this cgi. The general view allows to see the first floor with a studying place and a small playground, and the second “bedroom” floor that’s connected by the long stairs. In this way, the 3D rendering for a kid’s room demonstrated the smart zoning very meticulously.

The Designer wanted to show his clients the vivid decor and the variety of materials he has chosen. The detailed and photorealistic textures in the 3D rendering for a kid’s room made it not only possible but truly impressive. The colorful abstract painting on the floor, stylish graffiti on the wall and a huge city painting along the stairs added a vibe to the interior design and contributed to the artistic atmosphere. The wooden panels with painted ships, aircraft constructing models, cars and balls – everything in the 3D  rendering screams “every boy’s dream”.

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