3D visualization helps Designers to show how they can turn wishes of their clients into reality. Owing to this project, a charming princess called Gabby got the room of her dreams. But before that, a great Interior Designer contacted our 3D rendering studio to get high-quality visual materials for his design presentation.

Both parents and the girl were charmed by the color palette. For 3D visualization highlights the elegance of neutrals and the boldness of pink accents introduced through artwork, pillows and books. As well as that, the family liked the classic chandelier that adds a twist to the look. Besides from being incredibly stylish, it will provide soft evening lighting for evening playtime. For reading or doing homework, Gabby can use adjustable spot lights. And the best part about it is that owing to 3D visualization, Designer didn’t even have to do much talking: the renders explain everything perfectly. In terms of realism, the possibility of 3D graphics software, 3D max and Vray in our case, are infinite.

The decor is paramount, so it’s vital to show how it actually works in the room. Realistic 3D visualization allowed to capture these small details that set the ambiance, such as statuettes, paintings, books and flowers. The attention to details allowed Gabby to see that the design reflected her style and personality, and participate in the approval process.

Want to turn your client’s dreams into reality just like it happened with Gabby? You can easily do it with the help of CGI! Use ArchiCGI professional 3D visualization services and let your design speak for you.