3D visualization for a girl’s room served our client, a talented Designer, for conducting a spectacular project presentation. Photorealistic 3D rendering allowed him to present all the design solutions in photoreal quality – amazing color and materials choices, smart lighting system and the layout.

The interior is designed in hues of pink, for this is a favorite color of the little princess who would live in the room. With 3D visualization, the Designer was able to demonstrate the visual impact of the charming color scheme and the mood it creates in the room. Sand pink walls and curtains, a bright pink sofa, cherry ornaments on the armchair – the color correction of this 3D visualization brings the best out of the Designer’s idea.

The angle of 3D visualization for the girl’s room helps to showcase well-thought lighting scenarios. There is plenty of natural light pouring through the window, making for a comfortable and safe playzone. A fancy chandelier provides the ambient lighting for evening activities, and two table lamps will be perfect when the girl feels like reading a book.

Photorealistic textures and lighting are the secret ingredients that helped bring this design to life. The perfect mixture of natural and artificial light emphasized the cheeriness of the atmosphere and accentuated the warm cozy feel about the place. Looking at this 3D visualization, parents will see their girl playing in the room. They’ll imagine her smile when she sees her favorite colors, the toys on the sofa and her favorite dresses neatly arranged in a huge wardrobe. And that’s exactly what a girl room’s about!

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