3DS Max and Vray product visualization  is the most common way of rapid prototyping and producing promotional materials, especially for furniture. CGI has numerous benefits: it visualizes things that don’t exist yet in a photorealistic manner, it’s faster to create than traditional photography and allows better control of a scene, managing decor and centrepieces to create a perfect composition in order to entice a potential customer.

This 3DS Max and Vray 3D lifestyle render capitalizes on everything mentioned above. A straight-to-the-point shot, minimalistic decor and homogenous color scheme. Natural ambient lighting bathes the roomset, accentuating the selling points of the table: unique concept, sleek product design and outstanding material quality. Every element of the product visualization is designed to elicit emotional response from a viewer, maximising chances that a person won’t just flick through without stopping. Perfect example of how 3DS Max and Vray product visualization sells merchandise.

Furniture 3D rendering with 3DS Max and Vray is the tool any furniture producer or retailer needs to have the largest odds of success when selling online and offline with high-quality promotional materials. Don’t waste this opportunity. Contact ArchiCGI today for professional 3D visualization services!